Life Goals

Participate in St. Baldricks
Go to the NM Hot air balloon fest
Attend all professional sporting events:
  • -Baseball 
  • -Hockey  3/29/11-Washington Capitals
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • -Soccer (11/20/11) (4/16/14) FC Barcelona // Arensal 
  • Cricket
  • Nascar (cheez it 355)
Carnival in Brazil
Mardi Gras
Go to the super bowl (preferably with the Giants playing)
Go to the Olympics (to watch!) (London 2012)
See NYC at Christmas - Rockefeller Center (december 2014)
See Rocky Horror Picture Show (Live) (3/28/15)
Go to the World Cup
Go to Stagecoach/Coachella /Bonnaroo - some major music fest stagecoach 2013

Sprint triathlon
Olympic triathlon
half ironman
Mountain biking
Learn to surf : 6/20/10: San Diego, CA 7/31/10: Virgina Beach, VA 9/14/11 Zurriola Spain ( I finally stood up!)
Rock climb outdoors
learn to Scuba dive
open water scuba dive
Go snowshoeing
Participate in snowshoeing race
Complete a century ride (100 mile bike)
Try windsurfing
Play 18 Holes of Golf
Hot yoga month challenge (january 2016)
Cross Country Ski
Participate in a XC ski race
Disc Golf (September 26th, 2014)
Stand Up Paddle boarding (2/2014)

Hike the ADK 46(46/46)  (September 28th, 2014)
Become a Winter ADK 46r (6/46)
Hike Catskill 3500 (9/39)
Hike the fire-tower list (9/28)
Saranac 6er (6/6) (July 2017)
Appalachian trail
John Muir Trail
Camino de Santiago
the Long Trail
Northville Placid Trail

Running Goals:
Ragnar Relay/RTB - Ragnar ADK 2013, 2014, 2015, Trails 2015
finish a race in a stadium (Broncos 7k)
complete a 50k
complete a 50 miler
complete 100k
pikes peak marathon
Mud Run - 6/12/10 - USMC Camp Pendleton 
Run a Marathon- 6/08- RnR SD 10/08- Nike Womens Marathon
Finish a Marathon under 4:30
Qualify for Boston
Run Boston
Finish 13.1 in under 2 hours
Run a 5k in 25 minutes
Run a 10k in 55 minutes
Age place in a race - 3rd place 20-29 Run for Ross 5k
Race the San Diego Triple Crown
Receive a Rock n Roll Heavy Medal
Complete the Dopey Challenge
Run 1,200 Miles in a year
Run a half marathon in each state + DC & PR (7/52)

Drive across country - 7/25-8/1
See the Grand Canyons
Hike in Alaska
See Big Ben 7/16/11
Travel to Japan
Hike Pikes Peak
Visit the 4 corners
See the Taj Mahal
See a Kangaroo in the wild  12/20/10
New Zealand
Take a train ride across the country
See Mt. Rushmore (6/28/16)
Visit all national parks (13/58)*
  1. Carlsbad Caverns
  2. Denali
  3. Everglades
  4. Glacier Bay
  5. Guadalupe Mountains
  6. Joshua Tree
  7. Kings Canyon
  8. Sequoia
  9. Shenandoah
  10. Yosemite
  11. Cuyahoga National Park
  12. Badlands National Park
  13. Windcaves National Park

Walk (some of) the great wall of china
visit all 7 continents (4/7)
Kiss the Blarney Stone
Bike the Erie Canal
Fly first class on an international flight
Visit all US States (27/50) *
*must stay overnight - not counting states driven through or airport layovers!

  1. Alaska
  2. Arizona
  3. California
  4. Colorado
  5. Florida
  6. Georgia
  7. Illinois
  8. Kansas
  9. Michigan 
  10. Nevada
  11. New Hampshire
  12. New Jersey
  13. New York
  14. North Carolina
  15. Ohio
  16. Pennsylvania
  17. Maine
  18. Maryland
  19. Massachusetts
  20. Missouri
  21. Rhode Island
  22. South Dakota
  23. Tennessee
  24. Texas
  25. Vermont
  26. Virginia
  27. Wisconsin

Visit 25 different countries (11/25)*
  1. England
  2. Australia
  3. Italy
  4. Spain
  5. Morocco
  6. Costa Rica
  7. Canada
  8. Mexico
  9. the Netherlands
  10. France
  11. Ireland
visit 100 Unesco Sites  (25/100)*
  1. Naracoorte Caves
  2. Sydney Opera House
  3. Vatican City
  4. Historic Centre of Florence
  5. Piazza del Duomo, Pisa
  6. Venice & Lagoons
  7. Pompeii
  8. Medina of Marrakesh
  9. Medina of Essaouira
  10. Park Guell/Works of Antoni Gaudi
  11. Toledo
  12. Catedral & Alcazar in Sevilla
  13. Westminster Abbey
  14. Tower of London
  15. Kew Gardens
  16. Martitime Greenwich
  17. Stonehenge
  18. Yosemite National Park
  19. Carlsbad Caverns, National Park
  20. Everglades National Park
  21. Glacier Bay
  22. Independence Hall
  23. Amsterdam Canals
  24. Banks of the Seine
  25. San Miguel de Allende
Personal Challenges:
Watch the top AFI 100 Movies  8/1/11
Eat at only local restaurants for a year
Complete the original super Mario brother’s game
Give up television for one month: completed 8/10
Give up Alcohol for 30 days
Eat vegan for a week 
Stop using plastic bottles 1 month (link gives reasons why !)
Read the classics *using modern library as reference
wake up for 1 month without hitting snooze (9/13)
Be car-less for 1 month 8/10

Foster 100 dogs (3/100)
Become a BIG sister
Volunteer with the Girl Scouts
Volunteer abroad
Donate blood 12/1/12
Donate a kidney
Volunteer with habitat for humanity 6/19/2010: San Diego, CA

New Skills
Drive standard
Speak Spanish
Speak Dutch
Speak French
Change a tire
Change my oil
start a compost (january 2015)
Plant a successful garden
play the violin
Shoot a gun 7/24/10
Make a t-shirt quilt
Knit a quilt
Milk a cow

Go Sky Diving 4/2009: San Diego, CA
Go Skinny Dipping
ride a hot air balloon 7/3/10 Temecula, CA
go tubing down a river 8/7/10 & 8/20/11
See the northern lights
Read the bible  completed: 12/21/11
Become financially secure
Ride on an elephant
Live on my own  8/15/2012
Finish my masters 5/2010 PLNU: San Diego, CA
Sing Karaoke
Do a zip line 5/27/13
Get married
Do a solo sky dive
Ride on the back of a motorcycle 9/29/13
Try real absinth
Drive a jet ski
Eat alone at a restaurant 7/2010: Chicago, IL
hold a tarantula
solve a rubix cube
attempt a food challenge
announce: "Ladies & Gentlemen, the President of the United States"
Go inside the white house
participate in a food eating contest
go geocaching  5/11/14
attend roller derby 3/21/15
join a roller derby team


  1. I love this Christine! You've inspired me to think of my own!!

  2. I love your list! we have many of the same goals! Looking forward to following and cheering you on! High five!!!

  3. Great list! If you had your choice, what food eating contest would you participate in?

    1. I've been trying to get into a watermelon contest. I think I'd actually have some success with that one!!

  4. You started following me on Instagram. Found this blog. Love it. Congrats on all your accomplishments so far and looking forward to seeing all that you accomplish in the future!!

    1. thanks! I can only hope I have enough time & good health to complete more!