Monday, December 12, 2016

Santa Speedo Sprint

While never on the official bucket list  - since living on Lark Street, I've always wanted to do the Santa Speedo Sprint. It seems that during my time on Lark & Albany in general, I tend to look up the information AFTER it has happened. By some stroke of luck, I looked in advance and had nothing going on over the weekend.  I bribed my friend Dara into joining with the promise of a Santa suit that I own (for someone who just sort of likes Christmas, I've got a lot of gear).

Around 2 o clock, all the speedo runners headed outside for our run down & back Lark Street.  If there was any announcement or gun, I don't remember it, but soon we were off running and cheering.  We turned around after 2 blocks and made our way to the finish.  

It's a silly event, but was definitely fun & I'm glad I finally had a chance to participate.  The proceeds go to the Damien Center in Albany.

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