Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Races, Places & Fees 2016

Last year I had said that it was a big year for me as a runner, but I think its safe to say that 2016 was an even bigger year. After many false attempts I trained and raced a marathon for the first time in 8 years. I also squeaked out a new 13.1 PR (the old one standing for over 6 years) and ran the exact same 5k PR on the same course this year.

I've grown as a runner and am looking forward to what 2017 will bring.
I did a collection of Races, Places & Fees last year and my curiosity got the best of me, so I checked again for this year, after some data mining ( checking old emails and bank statements) I've found 2016's grand total.

race: Hangover Half Marathon (DNF)
pace: 10:30
place: Albany, NY
fee: free with HMRRC membership

race: HMRRC Winter Series 15k (1:33:06)
pace: 9:58
place: Albany, NY
fee: free with HMRRC membership

race: HMRRC Winter Series 10 Miler (1:40:56)
pace: 10:05
place: Albany, NY
fee: free with HMRRC membership


race: Lake Effect Half Marathon (2:10:15)
pace: 9:56
place: Syracuse, NY
fee: $80 (late registration)


race: Rock n Roll DC (2:08:52)
pace: 9:50
place: Washington, DC
fee: $93 (tour pass / 2 since I ultimately didn't make it to my 3rd race)
        + hotel & dog hotel


race also included an awesome awesome pull over, which sadly was abandoned during RnR Montreal ( I very much misjudged the weather) 
race: Syracuse Half Marathon
place: Syracuse, NY
fee: $75


race: Mother's Day 5k (29:39)
pace: 9:32
place: Schenectady, NY
fee: Free (coach for girls on the run)


race: Dolphin Dash (31:25)
pace: 10:07
place: Syracuse, NY
fee: $25


race: Boilermaker 15k
pace: 10:37
place: Utica, NY
fee: $55


(tank top - love it, wear it all the time, couldn't find it when taking pictures)

race: Catskill 100k Relay
pace: 10:04 ish
place: Catskill, NY
fee: $35

race: Ragnar Trail New England
pace: slight above walking
place: Northampton Massachusetts
fee: $188


race: Rock n Roll Montreal (2:09:53)
pace: 9:54
place: Montreal, QC, CA
fee: $ 93
(Plus AirBnB & dog hotel)


(gray long sleeve cotton shirt)

race: Shenendehowa's Veteran Day Dash (27:30)
pace: 8:51
place: Clifton Park, NY
fee: $ 25

race: Philadelphia Marathon (4:52:29)
pace: 11:09
place: Philadelphia, PA
fee: $114
(+ AirBnB & Dog Hotel)

(gray cotton t-shirt & sunglasses (w/bottle opener!)

race: Santa Speedo Sprint
pace: moderate jog.
place: Albany, NY
fee: $25

Races Total: 15
Race Miles: 161
Race Costs: $808 (820 if you include annual run club membership for HMRRC)

I spent more money than I did in 2015 but I also ran a lot more miles. ( and raced more miles) I am hoping to curb my race spending a lot for 2017, but hope to participate in some local cheaper races.

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  1. Great post! It makes me curious about my own entry fee totals...definitely less than yours since I haven't done a marathon or any of those big races.