Monday, November 7, 2016

2016 Goals - October in Review

Run more miles than 2015 (789/695)

I'm so excited that I've achieved this goal with some time to spare! Lots of longer runs are happening (although I've just returned from Mexico where no running happened - but life is short & it was worth it!)

Log 100 Hours of Volunteering (52/100)
Still no volunteering hours.  Just a few more weeks left with all of my focus on the marathon. Currently I'm spending 9-10 hours a week just running (not including getting ready/to/ from etc ) so its possible I'll find some time to make up my missing hours!

Read 39 Books (40/39)

It was a bit of a quiet month for reading. I did manage to read 2 books and am about halfway done with another. Between running and progress reports, I just seemed to find other ways to spend my time. I also stopped reading before bed for a bit, because I was having a hard time sleeping.  My sleeping is back on track, so in bed reading is back too.  I Let You Go was an interesting read, without giving away anything, it unsettled me a bit - and isn't in a category of books that I love, but it was good. One True Loves was an easy read - I can see this becoming a movie (if it hasn't already)

Practice Yoga 78 times (46/78)
It wasn't much, but I did yoga once.  I'm toying with the idea of returning to hot yoga once marathon training is done, I miss yoga  - but haven't mastered including it to my schedule.

Hike 1 mountain a month (11/12)
No mountains, but am planning to knock out the last 2 Saranac 6 in December!

Complete 12 Bucket List Items (3/12)
Nothing officially to check off, but did visit a UNESCO World Heritage site while in Mexico. San Miguel de Allende falls within the category and I was lucky enough to spend a few days there with some great people.

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