Saturday, October 8, 2016

2016 Goals - September in Review

  • Run more miles than 2015 (640/695) 
I absolutely ran more miles in 2016 September than I did in 2015. I've been plugging away at Marathon training, feeling great.. Last year September was my highest month ( 100 miles) and this year I ran 150.  I can't wait to see what October can bring! I am about 60 miles away from reaching last years total !

Log 100 Hours of Volunteering (52/100) 
absolutely 0 hours volunteering this month.  I haven't been on the trails since Ragnar and haven't volunteered at any races or anything.  I'll need to pick up my game, but its a bit tough right now with every thought going towards the marathon.

  • Read 39 Books (38/39) 

*Disregard Still Life - I had think I finished it right on the cusp of the month and counted it towards august, but quite frankly am too lazy to make a new collage.  2016 has been a tremendous year for books.  It helps that I found several good sources for book recommendations which have kept me inspired all year long.  
I enjoyed all of them ( 800 grapes was a bit too ridiculous for me) and I think Americanah was my favorite for the month.  I technically only have one more book to read for the year, but will obviously keep going to see how far I can get.

  • Practice Yoga 78 times (45/78) 
Man o man can I tell that I haven't been keeping up with yoga.  I have 0 flexibility left in my hips right now after all the running.  MUST MAKE CHANGES.
  • Hike 1 mountain a month (11/12) 
No mountains in September.  I didn't expect and (nor am I planning any until after Philly Marathon.
  • Complete 12 Bucket List Items (3/12)
So, I have / haven't completed another bucket list item. Once upon a time, to earn a heavy medal from Rock n Roll events, one had to complete 3 events. I've had it in my head for a long time that I would complete 3 to achieve my heavy medal. There's a whole story to go with why I didn't end up running RnR Brookyln this weekend, but when it comes down to it- I will still earn a heavy medal & I earned a double medal for doing an international event.  I think I am satisfied. I feel as though I cheated a bit, but I'm not sure I'll ever run 3 of their events in one year.  Anyhow, for now lets check that bad boy off.

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