Monday, September 12, 2016

Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 9

School officially started this week, but we were on a modified schedule that we call "phase in"  it allows the students to come just a few hours each day before jumping right into it. It's really important for the youngest children to be eased into school, but its a weird week for returning students and staff - we are ready to go!  

I started the week off strong, but fell apart by the end. I did end up missing 2 runs this week - mostly due to poor planning. But still hit the SOS (something of substance runs). This upcoming week I am determined to do all the easy/recovery runs in the morning before school - to avoid the conflicts that have popped up over the past 2 weeks.  (I've also learned how to use my auto function on the coffee maker, which may help..)

Anyhow, week 9 in review.

Planned: 6 miles
Actual: 6 miles @ 10:39

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Since I had Labor Day off, I didn't follow through with the whole - running in the morning thing just yet. I'm not entirely sure what I did all day, but finally around 6pm I headed to the Mohawk Bike path. I needed a change of scenery from my tried and true of SUNY Albany. It was a nice run and I felt great considering I had my first double digit run in months 2 days before and an additional 6 miles the previous day.

Planned: 1 mile warm up // 6 x 800 w 400 recovery // 1 mile cool down
Actual : Same 

After my first day with students, I was tired. Although my athletic endurance is strong, my teaching endurance is really low right now.  I took a nap after work and eventually pulled myself together to head to the SUNY Albany track.  I got there just as my running club (Albany Running Exchange) was closing up their track workout, I saw some familiar faces, but I didn't make any effort to be social. For 800s I was using a 5k PR time of roughly 27 minutes.  This would have me completing my 800 repeats in 4:25.  I kept it as a goal to be around or faster than that each time. Which, surprisingly to me, wasn't an issue at all.  

1. 4:08
2. 4:11
3. 4:06
4: 4:02
5: 4:16
6: 4:04

I didn't feel like I was killing myself to hit those paces, and even felt that I could do more repeats.  I'll continue to use my 27 minute 5k time and my rough goal of 4:30 marathon as I finish out the speedwork outs, but for the past 3 weeks I've come in faster without dying. We'll see how the rest of the training plays out!

Planned: Rest
Actual: rest!

After 4 days of running, I was looking forward to my day of rest hooray!

Planned: 6 miles
Actual: off

I stuck at work late on Thursday so that I could facetime with Joe.  I ate my lunch around 4 pm and wasn't in a huge hurry to get home.  I forgot about the magic window for missing traffic when leaving my school and it took an extra 40 minutes to be reunited with Marcy dog. Once home I was slowly making progress to head out for a run when the sky got dark. I pulled open the radar and saw that lovely orange and red was headed my way.  I have canceled my gym membership, so I didn't have many options.  Green I would have still run in - yellow & red is a bit unnecessary.  Instead I hungout & read my book and enjoyed an adult beverage.

Planned: 1 mile warm up // 5 miles tempo // 1 mile cool down
Actual: Same

Through a series of group text, a few of us had decided to run at the track Friday evening.  We all had different plans/workouts, but figured it would allow for a bit of a social time - even if we were doing our own thing.  Social it was, but it took a while until it became more productive.  I was way more interested in hanging out with some of the ladies I hadn't seen for most of summer but eventually got it done. Like Tuesday, I used my current marathon goal of 4:30 to dictate my tempo pace - this would have been 10:18. Also like Tuesday, I didn't have any trouble running faster. 

Planned 6 miles
Actual: off

When I woke up it was a lovely cool temperature, humid but lovely.  I was starving and knew that I couldn't knock out 6 miles until I had eaten anything. I started doing some neglected chores (laundry mostly) and made breakfast.  After I started tackling the disaster that is my home. I had plans to meet my mom at 1pm, so I was hustling around the house.  Once it was mostly put back in order, I had lost my window to run. Since it was heating up, I decided an evening run would be better anyhow. After a few false starts ( the Stockade art show was postponed) we ended up in Saratoga for lunch and some shopping.  It was a really great afternoon.  I dropped my Mom back at home and hung out with her and my Dad for a bit before finally heading back to my house.  By then it was 8:15.  It was more humid than it was earlier and dark.  (again the not having a gym membership bit me)  I don't mind running in the dark, but preferably losing light, not the entire time. 

I was annoyed with myself for allowing scheduling conflicts to get in the way again this week.  I am also considering switching my Wednesday rest day with an easy run - next week and potentially have a roving rest day to accommodate change a bit easier.  I am also determined to become a morning runner. One of those changes will happen.  

Planned: 15 Miles
Actual 15 miles @ 10:53

During the same series of texts that lead to the track workout - came with 3 other ladies looking to get some double digit mileage in this weekend.  I had planned to return to SUNY Albany & State campus loop to make up the total of 15.  Now, officially for Hansons, this week should have been another 10 miler, but after looking at my schedule for the fall ( two half marathons, and a trip to Colorado and a trip to Mexico) - moving the first 15 miler up a week, would alleviate some of the clusters ( half marathons were on 10 mile long run weeks and while I know I can get 10 in colorado - Mexico might be tough and I'd rather be short a few miles rather than a lot) 
I was a bit worried since I would be jumping from an 11 mile long run last week to 15 so I was thankful that I'd have company to get over the mental jump. The weather was a bit wonky at first, but the storm that passed through brought on a beautiful day.  We jogged along chatting about random things and found that the first loop went quite quick. We spaced out a bit for the second loop - but Karen and I stuck together.  After our second loop, I had decided I would do just a SUNY loop to get the final 4 miles which inspired Karen to go for a new personal distance record and join me.  It felt a lot rougher, but we didn't vary in pace much.  Overall a really great run.  

I was suppose to hit 40 miles this week, which would have been epic for me! ( I have many many months where 40 is the most I'll do)  But it didn't happen.  I'm frustrated enough with myself to ensure that this upcoming week is better.  Plus, phase in at work is over & we are all in for the rest of the 16-17 school year. 

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