Monday, September 5, 2016

Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 8

My first week back at work wasn't as seamless for running as I would have hoped. I still managed to run 32 miles this week - but it should have been 38. Overall I'm still quite happy with how the week went & how I felt. The challenge with running 6 days a week is that when scheduling conflicts occur, there really is no way to make it up. Lesson learned.

Week 8:

Planned: 4 miles
Actual: 4 miles @ 11:32

Monday was a bit of a mess. Last week I had hit a nasty pothole, a few days later I noticed my tire was nearly flat. I filled it and hoped that it was just a fluke ( I knew it wasn't) the following day I discovered a bludge in the tire. (google tells me that the tire will blowout, just a matter of time) so my dad helped me bring the car to the local tire shop and I go on my merry way to work. Like most car issues, the tire place calls to inform me that I also blew out the strut and there is liquid everywhere. (I honestly had no idea what a strut was or that it contained liquid until then) I end up leaving work on the earlier side, bring my car to my cousins who confirm the diagnoses and fix it. All of this ties in because I had secretly made it my goal to run before work. With having to get a ride to work & the car issue, it didn't happen but I did eventually make it to SUNY for 4 miles.

I am hoping to do all of my Monday runs in the AM to give my legs more time between runs - since Tuesdays are track workouts but we'll see. I really really like my bed in the morning.

Planned: 1 mile warm up// 8 x 600 w400 recovery // 1 mile cooldown
Actual: Off

To keep the cluster of the week going, I had a doctors appointment at 3:45 on Tuesday. The plan was to go from the DR to the track and get my workout done. Now, I have really terrible health insurance, which means I rarely go to the doctor and when I do, its often a clinic setting. I love the fact that these clinics exist, really I do. But I was there for 2 hours. 2 hours ! I was SO cold and hungry while I waited and waited and waited. By the time I was released it was 6. I needed food before I could go for a run, so I went home and made a quick dinner. I was still determined to get my workout in, but decided to go to the Guilderland Track, so that I could stop at CVS and the grocery store to grab dog food. The guilderland track is a bit further of a drive, but often quiet - I drive out there to discover that its being worked on. Track Closed. By now, its 8pm, the sun has set and I don't have a gym membership. I decide to cash in my chips, get a starbucks hot chocolate and go home to read my book.

There are a few ways I could have avoided this: 1) having food with me so I could have had a snack. 2) schedule all future appointments for Wednesdays - which are my off days.

Planned: rest
Actual: 1 mile warm up// 8 x 600 w 400 recovery // 1 mile cooldown
(7 miles @ 9:44)

After the previous two day debacles, I was excited to have a normal day on Wednesday. I had packed my gear and drove directly to the SUNY Albany track. When I got there, I realized it was roughly the same time that the track (or xc team) was also doing some workouts. I stayed on the outside lane of the track and no one seemed to mind that I was there. 600s were hard mentally - I still had to do a lot of them (8) and they seemed to take forever (roughly 3- 3:15 each) Otherwise I felt good.

Planned: 1 mile warm up// 5 miles tempo // 1 mile cool down
Actual: 4 miles @ 13:02 ( trails)

The book hansons plan encourages either an easy effort run or a rest day in between the speed and tempo workouts - so I opted to switch Friday to thursday with the plan of completing my tempo on Friday. I had wanted to go to the ARE trail run, but Marcy has been SO bored with me being back at work, that it wasn't really an option. She needed some exercise and I don't bring her to large group runs (unless they're at suny) so we took off on the trails in the neighborhood. My legs were dead. I could not get them to turnover. It took everything to keep moving forward. It was an ugly ugly run, but got it done.

Planned: 4 miles
Actual: Rest

Another day & and another scheduling conflict. I ended up staying at school a bit later than I had anticipated (mostly using the internet since I no longer have it at home) My folks had called inviting me to dinner for 5:30 (I figured I could eat dinner with them and still go to the track around 8 to do a well lit Friday night tempo run) But their scheduled changed a bit and we didn't end up meeting for dinner until 7. My parents are only in NY for another few weeks, so I don't regret joining them for dinner.

Planned: 10 miles
Actual: 11 miles @ 10:22

My friend Amanda is training for the MCM and was in town from Denver for the weekend. Since I too had a long run, we were able to join up and knock out some miles together. Normally I would have run this much slower, but since 1) i didn't do a tempo run this week and 2) Amanda had planned to run hers at goal pace. We did the ever exciting SUNY & State campus loops, but man do those miles go by faster with people! She knocked out 12 and I stopped at 11. This was my first time at double digits since Syracuse Half Marathon in April !

Planned: 6 miles
Actual: 6 miles @ 11:13

I didn't get an early start on Sunday. I woke up prepared some food for the week ( bread making, hummus making, and soup making - even though it'll be 90 later this week) and did some very much needed yoga. I also played 9 holes of golf with my Dad. Eventually, after a nap, I made my way out for a run. My shins were both sore for the first quarter mile, but then loosened up and otherwise I felt quite good. I ran the same loop as the day before ( but only once) since I knew I'd be gambling with daylight near the end.

Overall a solid week. Last year I think I was able to hit 30 miles once during my training for half marathon PRs - here I am feeling quite good and having done it 3 times in the first 8 weeks of training. I need to do some pre-hab on my shins but am otherwise feeling good & looking forward to week 9 (and phase in of students !)

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