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Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 10

I am a morning person.  I like waking up around the time the sunrises, but I don't like to do anything other than drink coffee. As much as I'd like to be a morning runner, it just isn't in the cards. I know that morning running would allow for more time to free up, but for now - I have the time. I don't have children, my job hours are early, and my dog runs with me. Time isn't my issue, its commitment. I've been guilty for 'running out of time' when really my priorities were different. Sometimes for the right reasons (choosing time with my parents before they leave to go back home) sometimes just because. This week I was determined to make marathon training a priority. I managed to do so and still avoid having to run in the morning.

I kicked ass this week. I didn't miss any workouts. I am exhausted. But also feel the best I've felt in years. 

Planned: Easy 5 miles
Actual: 5 miles @ 11:31

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This run started out quite rough. Sure I was tired from the 15 miles the day before, but what really got me, was how tight my sneakers felt. My feet have been at a pretty steady swollen state. Not so much that anyone but me would notice, but I can tell. Between teaching all day and running (almost) every day my feet don't have much of a chance. I was angry at every commuter that I felt was driving too fast and just a plain grump. I'm glad I ran alone.

Planned: 1 mile warm up // 5 * 1k w/400 recovery // 1 mile cool down
Actual: Same

I wasn't sure how this run would go. Past me would never even consider a speed workout 2 days after a long run. But 4 weeks into speed work, it seems quite normal. I've still been using 27 5k PR as my guide which had me running the kilometer (.62) in 5:24. Similar to previous track workouts, I kept my goal to be around or faster than the pace set out for me from my Hansons book. Again like the past few weeks, I had no trouble beating that goal. I am curious to know if I could set a new 5k PR right now, but I am keeping my eye on the marathon prize, so 5ks will have to wait.

Planned: Rest
Actual: Rest!

I had considered avoiding a rest day, just incase my weekend filled up like it had the past 2 weeks.  But as my schedule would have it,  I had back to school night and was at school until quite late.  

Planned: 6 miles
Actual: 6 miles @ 10:45 

After work I headed straight over to Fleet Feet to find myself new sneakers. I couldn't stomach the idea of putting my new balance 880s back on. While I love my topo athletic,  I just can't maintain the build in mileage with a minimal shoe. So for now, my topo have been moved to track workouts.  Although I know that I wear a 5.5 /6 in most women shoes - my foot was close enough to a 6 that it was safe for me to buy a 6.5 ( a whole size bigger than my new balance!!)  I was really excited to find that the Nike Pegasus have redone their shoe and the wide are now wide enough again.  I did try two other shoes but while I don't believe in second chances in real love relationships, I do with shoes and I am happy to be reunited with the Pegasus.

Anyhow, having new shoes does help with motivation to getting out for a run.  I grabbed Marcy dog and headed over to SUNY. I've lost count how many miles I've done running around SUNY Albany,  I've been considering adding it up and donating towards the University.

Planned: 1 mile warm up // 8 miles @ tempo // 1 mile cool down
Actual:  Same!

The official Hansons plan has the tempo run on Thursdays, but I knew that it would be very challenging for me to knock out a 10 mile run after school & turn around and be back at work. Most likely for the remainder of training tempo runs will be on Friday. This tempo run was 3 miles more than the previous week. ( 3 miles!!!)  

While I've been following the paces for a 4:30 marathon (which I would be thrilled with...) almost all of my paces have lined up perfectly with a goal closer to 4:15  ( the book only gives those two - I suspect 4:20 is actually the right fit.)  I went into this tempo run, hoping to maintain a 10:18 (4:30 goal) or faster. I had to work for it, but maintained a pretty even splits. 

I've identified myself as a runner for years, but I really felt it while knocking out a 10 mile on a Friday evening. 

Planned: 5 miles
Actual: 5 miles @ 11:55

My quads were screaming at me when I woke up on Saturday. I went about my usual Saturday chores ( cleaning, laundry, and finally mowing my lawn) before taking a nap.  It wasn't until 5pm that I finally laced up and headed out for a run. There was a possibility of some social activities, but nothing had materialized, which helped since I was so determined to hit all of the workouts this week. Marcy dog and I headed to the Mohawk Hudson Bike Path.  I knew it'd be slow, so I brought along my phone to work on hatching some pokemon (yep, I'm still playing...)  it took a bit, but my legs did remember what to do, slower than most of the runs this week, but still moving forward. 

Planned: 10 miles
Actual: 11 miles @ 10:53

I made plans to meet up with some of the ladies from ARE at SUNY for the Suny + state campus loop.  We went back and forth a bunch about timing, but eventually settled around 11am.  A later start than initially planned for, but it had been raining.  By the time we started running, the rain had stopped but man was it humid. My legs felt much better than they had the day before, and slowly but surely I'm understanding this 'active recovery' idea. I ran my first loop with the group before readjusting to head out for the second loop solo. The split run is my ideal, I like to social aspect and being able to chat / be distracted.  I also like some time to let my brain go. Although 10 was on the schedule, I decided to add one more mile so that it would be true 'long run' and longer than the tempo workout on Friday. 

43 miles for the week! (highest ever!)*

What I've learned this week is that I obviously have the time to commit to training. I also see a serious need to plan my food out for the week & to replenish my gels to begin practicing fueling while running. After 10 solid weeks, I have now trained for more weeks than I have left until the Philadelphia Marathon. 

This upcoming week will be interesting, I'll be traveling to Montreal on Saturday to run Rock n Roll Montreal 1/2 Marathon.  I'll end up using it as a long run & my tempo, but still plan a midweek 10 mile run.  I am not expecting a PR or anything fancy to happen, just looking forward to course support and to finally earn a heavy metal from the Rock N Roll series of events (bucket list goal!)

* I ran more this week than the entire month of March, May or June. BAM! 

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  1. Hanson's user over here!! :) What a great week of running for you! Way to go!!!!