Friday, September 2, 2016

2016 Goals - August Review

  • Run more miles than 2015 (490/695) 
Wowza, August was a great month for running.  It was a bit of a slow start with a hiking trip thrown in - but was able to hit the pavement (and trails and track) enough for my highest mileage month ever!  By no means was it a fast month. I've found that to up my mileage so much, it means that I need to take recovery runs as real recovery runs.  Thankfully the heat and humidity of summer made that pretty easy.  It wasn't until the last 2 weeks that I started to incorporate some speed and tempo, both of which were exciting to see that I haven't lost speed despite doing many of my miles at a comfortable pace.  So long as I continue following the Hansons Marathon Method, my mileage will be up & I'll definitely reach my goal of more miles in 2016! 

Log 100 Hours of Volunteering (52/100) 
I spent a few hours on the trails this month and volunteered at one race.  I enjoy being able to be at the races that I am not participating in this year.  It seems unlikely that I'll reach 100, but last year I barely logged any volunteer hours, so I'm content with  my community involvement so far.

  • Read 39 Books (31/39) 

August was another great month for reading.  I had read The National Parks as apart of a book group this summer, which I found very interesting as I was able to visit a few parks & monuments.  Running with the kenyans was another book group (although we never ended up discussing it...)  In the Time of the Butterflies stuck with me those most - mostly since it was far different from most books I've read.  I'm slowly trying to diversify my reading, I have a habit of reading about white middle class people doing white middle class things, I live in a bit of an universe bubble here in Albany, so my small step at broadening my circle is by reading more diverse literature (  suggestions welcomed)

  • Practice Yoga 78 times (43/78) 
Weak Yoga month. My favorite yoga class is on Tuesday nights, which is also when I've been doing my speed workouts -  I need to arrange my time better, or to go to a different class.  I canceled my gym membership, so my only options are at Good Karma (where I have a handful of free classes left) or Yoga Studio App
  • Hike 1 mountain a month (11/12) 
Huge huge month for hiking.  When Joe was back in town, we did a camping trip up near Saranac in attempts to hike all of the Saranac 6.  We ended up hiking 4, but deciding we'd rather enjoy our limited time together than to be on death marches to hike all of the mountains.  I intend to hike the remaining two before the year runs out, but as my running schedule intensifies - its on the back burner ideally we'll get a chance to hike both around Thanksgiving when Joe is back &  I'll have completed the Philadelphia Marathon.
4 mountains climbed
  • Complete 12 Bucket List Items (2/12)
The only progress towards any bucket list items would be hiking the 4 mountains of Saranac 6. My main focus right now is on training for Philly - so most others are taking a backseat.

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