Monday, August 22, 2016

Philadelphia Marathon Training

Marathon training started 6 weeks ago. Can you believe I've gone 6 whole weeks without really mentioning it here on the blog? (Instagram is a different story) I had intended to do weekly recaps, but decided I would wait until after I finished the base building phase. Base training isn't particularly impressive. I have been diligent with getting ever run done, but the paces have been slow.

Boilermaker was the kick off for fall training!

I alternate between time on the trails near the house and my usual SUNY Albany loop. A few times I've done some miles in my neighborhood and a nearby one. But mostly focusing on getting out there 5-6 days a week putting one foot in front of the other.

I can feel that I'm getting stronger (even if my paces are still slow, that'll change when fall arrives) I have been able to run 5 days in a row without feeling beat up. All of these are good signs since I am following the Hansons Marathon Method.

There are so many different training plans for marathons these days, its hard to know which would work best for me. I've tried following 'custom' made ones from Runners World & Hal Higdon several times since my marathon debut in 2008. Usually I made it to the long run of 15 miles and struggled to recover and ultimately either DNS or dropping to half marathon distance.

I know there are many things that I did wrong during those training cycles, more than once I tried to use a marathon as a way to get back into running after a long break. (close to a year break.) My body wasn't ready for that kind of abuse nor was my head. In the past I would get really frustrated if my runs weren't faster each time that I went out.

During my previous attempts, planning runs longer than 15 miles was difficult for me, they include lots of roads or laps, water access, etc. This past fall marathon season, I ended up following a few runners on Instagram who were using Hansons Marathon Method. After seeing their great success (strong finish, positive review, &good race time) I ordered the book online and gave it a read. Naturally I finished the book feeling inspired and decided that I'd use it as my guide for the Philadelphia Marathon.

With the longest individual run being at 16 miles I'm not as overwhelmed. (that & despite the book not encouraging it, I'll be using 2 half marathons as training runs - mostly for the course support) I am a bit overwhelmed at how I'll fit in all of the running once school starts up, but since I'm also canceling my home internet & cable, I suppose it'll fill the time gap between school and sleep!

In the official plan, it calls for 5 weeks of base building, I added a week because I was anxious to start training and to give myself an extra week to bump up the mileage after my restful May and June. The first 6 weeks have gone well, I had missed 3 separate runs due to camping & hiking but was able to make up most of the mileage (and hike roughly 36 miles)

Next week I'll throw in a training recap as speed workouts and tempos are now on the schedule. I'm excited to see how I can grow as a runner through this plan.

Marathon training miles to date: 115

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