Friday, August 5, 2016

Mount Marcy

Over 18 years ago I hiked Mount Marcy for the first time. (when did I get so old that I could make statements like that?) It was my second high peak and was done during my first backpacking adventure. I can still remember bits and parts of that hiking trip, it was on that trip that I first learned of the 46ers club. I hadn't returned to Marcy in the past decade primarily due to my own desire to hike 'new' peaks. 

A long time friend Mark invited Marcy dog and myself to join him in tackling the peak, despite my lack of long hikes this year, I decided to go for it anyways. We left Clifton Park around 6 and made our way up to the ADK Loj. It took us a few minutes to get situated and then we were on our way.  
We had great weather and a good time hiking- Marcy dog mostly dictated our rest stops, demanding a mid hike swim in any body of water that was larger than a puddle.  Also sometimes only the size of a puddle.  The trail itself was bone dry - I had remembered a lot of mud from the first time I had hiked it- but with little snowfall or rain this year, the trails were in fantastic shape.

The summit was busy, but not crazy. Especially since it is wide open- we sat and enjoyed a long well deserved break before taking all of the necessary photos. On the way down, Mark decided to skip ahead to hike Tabletop - since Joe and I have already hiked it, we opted to take our time and enjoy a long break back at Marcy Dam. Our timing worked well - and shortly after we returned to the car, Mark came powering out of the woods. The extra mountain only added 2 miles to his day & put him over a quarter of the way towards all 46.  The weather had cooled, so we decided to stop at Noonmark dinner (and kept Marcy dog sleeping in the car)  before heading back down to Albany.  

When I did it ages ago, we looped it into a 3 day backpacking trip - where we based camp near Johns Brook Lodge on day 1, hiked Marcy on the day 2, and broke down camp and left on the 3rd. Mount Marcy is not a beginners hike it is the highest point in New York State, but it is not technical. It requires planning for food and water & to have the endurance to hike for an entire day. That said, it is a great long hike to do. 

Mountain: Mount Marcy - ranked # 1 at 5344' 

Mileage: 14.5ish

Total Ascent: 3166'

Time: 8ish hours

Gear usedDueter Backpack, Nalegene (2),  topo athletic trail sneakers, oiselle shorts, and smartwool socks, janji singlet

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