Friday, July 15, 2016

Road Trip: Driving through Minnesota & South Dakota

Lots of the road trip blend together. After we left Madison, we spent the entire day trying to get to the other side of Minnesota.  It was a long haul.  We stopped in Sioux Falls for the night, enjoyed dinner next to the hotel, watched some x files on netflix and promptly went to bed.  Not overly exciting, but after a few 0 days of mileage gained, we needed to travel some distance.  We figured before we left Sioux Falls, we should see the falls that the city was named after, so we ventured to the park for a walk around.  It seemed like a great city park.  After we started the drive to Badlands National Park. While Badlands deserves (and will get its own post) here are a few pictures from the journey from Sioux Falls to Badlands.

after seeing the little green giant at the gas station, when we pulled out I spotted the Big Green Giant, obviously we had to stop for a visit.

There isn't a whole lot happening in this area of South Dakota, but we did stop at the 1880s Town, although since they charge an admission price, we just had lunch in the train car before heading back on the road.

Anyone who has traveled in South Dakota ( or even Wyoming where we saw some signs) has heard of Wall Drug (before this trip I obviously hadn't. But there are signs for over 300 miles for this place.  While we had no real reason to stop, we did anyways since we had to see what all the fuss was about. 

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  1. So fun to read! I did this exact same trip in April and took many of the same pictures!