Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mount Rushmore

I'm not entirely sure why or how seeing Mount Rushmore came to be on my bucket list, but it has been on there for a while. When I invited myself onto Joes moving trip, my only request was to see Mount Rushmore (and then we discovered we'd pass 3 National Parks). After leaving Badlands we had a short drive to the Black Hills. Mount Rushmore is visible from the road, but we drove all that way to explore, so we paid our parking fee (which is good for a budget truck from Oklahoma until December, if you're heading that way - let me know!) and packed some water and sunscreen in a bag.

There is no admissions fee unless you want the audio tour. We opted to just walk and set off on the trail. It was busy, but not insane (less stressful than crossgates before christmas).  The walk along offers some information about the process and specific facts about the presidents.

What I found most interesting was that on Teddy Roosevelt info, there was absolutely no mention of his work on creating the national park system.  It seems crazy to me that while at a National Memorial it was referenced.

The trail is nicely paved and flat for the first half, great for wheelchair access, strollers, or non stair people (like my mom)  but the second half has a lot of stairs.  Since we've spent so much time sitting for the past week, we didn't mind using some muscles.

Just as we made our way around to the studio ( I can't recall the real name of the building)  a storm opened up. Joe and I made our way to the overhang of a ranger building and sat and watched the storm and the people.  We were able to enjoy the view of Mount Rushmore too. If we had a sandwich or a coffee,  I could have sat there all day.

Once the storm seemed to clear up, we made our way back to the beginning.  Just as we were trying to take our selfie with the monument, it began to hail on us, we all rushed to hide under something, getting very cozy with all the other tourist.

The storm passed as quickly as it had come, but we decided it was time to find some lunch before heading to Wind Caves National Park.

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