Thursday, July 7, 2016

Halfway of 2016

Hard to believe that we are half way through the year! 
  • Run more miles than 2015 (315/695) 
another sad month in the books.  the end of the school year and a two week long road trip really did a number on me.  The boilermaker this weekend will be a mess - but hopefully will inspire me to get back on track.  Philadelphia training will start very soon so hopefully I'll find I haven't lost too much fitness!  The upside is that I've run 106 more miles than I did at this point last year, so I guess there is hope for my goal yet!
  • Log 100 Hours of Volunteering (39/100)  (39%)
I did volunteer at one race - the Valley Cats Father's day Dash.  It was a great day to volunteer and I enjoyed seeing some familiar faces and cheer them on while directing parking lot traffic. I know I logged some Pine Bush hours also, but I didn't document them on the volunteer forum, so I won't add them here either.

  • Read 39 Books (19/39) (48%)
Technically a few of these books have been completed in July- but I suspect if I don't document them now, I'll forget. I've been removed from the classroom just long enough to not have a clue as to what we read in those final two weeks. 

I had picked up The World without Us nearly 3 years ago but couldn't quite get into it.  It stayed on my shelf hopeful that one day I might change my mind.  Much to my surprise when I picked it up a few weeks ago I couldn't out it down.  I found it fascinating.  I limited myself to one-two chapters a day, in hopes of actually retaining some of the information and stats what were thrown around but looked forward to each day. 

 I've found that the little house series gets better with each book,  the first 2 (big woods and prairie) were rather slow but I felt very invest ed in the long winter.  As we drove through South Dakota, I wanted to visit De Smet, but it was just enough out of the way to really make it happen.  

I had a hard time getting into Claire of the Sea Light - there are a lot of characters and it is almost designed like a series of short stories that eventually connect, I think it would deserve a second reading before I give in a proper evaluation. 

And technically I finished the One in the Million Boy in July (and started it in july) but I finished it last night and I really enjoyed it.
  • Practice Yoga 78 times (41/78) (52%)
yikes, no yoga at all!  luckily it's summer time and I've got about 15 classes left on my good karma account!
  • Hike 1 mountain a month (4/12) (33%)
No time for mountains in June - but the spoiler is that I did hike one in July 

  • Complete 12 Bucket List Items (2/12)

One official bucket list item was checked off -  I saw Mount Rushmore!  It was a really neat experience to walk around the grounds and to see this incredible monument.  Along the way I stayed in 4 new to me states and visited 3 more national parks.  It's a slow haul for some of my bucketlist goals but i'm excited to have chipped away at a few during my road trip!

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