Monday, July 25, 2016

Boilermaker 2016

Early this spring I was excited to follow a new challenging 15k training plan for the Boilermaker. I love the race but would never seriously consider training for a PR on the course. The course itself lends well for a PR (for me at least, hills do me favors!)  but July weather isn't my friend. Regardless, I printed off the whole plan and got to work. I had some amazing nights out on the track. I was quickly seeing improvements in my recovery and speed.

If I kept the momentum going I knew I could course PR and most importantly set myself up for a solid marathon training cycle. 

But after a few week I had a funky tight quad, nothing major but took it easy while on vacation in Paris & London. I tried throughout the month of May to get my inspiration back but with a challenging end of year at school and my allergies, it just didn't happen.

June rolled around and I tried to get my act together, but again, it didn't happen. None of my runs were over 3 miles. All signs pointed to me deferring my registration, but I absolutely love the boilermaker.  

While I knew it wouldn't be an ideal day, I figured that the 8 mile hike in Colorado likely shocked my system enough to get my across the finish line. 

I left Albany plenty early and found parking near the start. I picked up my bib and managed to find Dara and Meredith ( Dara and I actually met last year at Boilermaker and have become great friends, so we joked about our friendversary) Three years in a row now I've  managed to find my friend Joe at the bathrooms.  After the social hour, we made our way roughly to the start.  (it took us 13 minutes to cross the start line..)

My goal was to start with an 11 minute pace and see how long I could hold it. I had thrown out any idea of a new course PR and was simply there for the run. I had a blast running the route, watching people see their friends, listening to the music and just enjoying the run. Although my last 2 races didn't go well,  I had secretly hoped they would be awesome. For the boilermaker I went in with a very different mindset. I was very under trained but was very open to taking it slow and just going for a run.

My attitude alone made for a fun day. Just around mile 8 I realized I could in fact squeeze out a course PR. I wasn't feeling awesome, but my head was totally in the right spot to push. I clicked my watch at the finish 1:39:00 and knew that at the minimum I had managed a new PR by a minute and a half.

Most amazingly, I felt awesome. I enjoyed the afternoon with friends, music and a beer.  Each year I swear I'll get a hotel in Utica for after the race but it wasn't yet this year.  After a few hours of enjoying the day, I said my farewells and headed back to Albany. I am so thankful that I am able to be apart of this event and I am already counting down the days until next year.

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  1. Hurray for a course PR! And a positive attitude is always an important ingredient for race day magic. :)