Sunday, July 31, 2016

2016 Goals: July

  • Run more miles than 2015 (372/695) 
After a rough May & June for running (allergies, school year ending, traveling) I have slowly gotten back into the groove for running. My paces are slow -but I am upping the frequency. I have officially started training for the Philadelphia Marathon - and will soon resume my weekly log of training. For now, I've been sticking to each run keeping the pace as slow as I want and hitting the trails in the neighborhood more often to prepare for Ragnar New England. I doubled my mileage from June and feel great. I am still ahead of target to run more than last years total of 695. 

Log 100 Hours of Volunteering (47/100) 
I logged about 3 hours on the pine bush trails, mostly for my own use of running, but I did document my hours & observations this month, so I'll count it. I also volunteered (and even dragged an extra volunteer a long)  to the Indian Ladder trail races.  This is one of my favorite races, but I've begun a major crack down on spending.  Even though the race is cheap ($20) every penny has to work for me for the next year.  I decided to volunteer this year instead. I think this will be a common theme throughout the fall, as I am registered for everything for the remainder for 2016.  I do love volunteering at races & am glad to give back to a community that has given so much to me.  I'm not sure I'll make it to 100 volunteer hours, but I am dramatically higher than I was last year so improvements regardless.  

  • Read 39 Books (26/39) 

July was the month of books. I spent a lot of time just loving reading. The new found routine has me very close to formally canceling internet & cable at my house (also apart of this new budget planning). I enjoyed the Little Town, These Happy Golden Years, & Farmer Boy from Laura Ignalls Wilder. The First Four Years were published based off manuscripts that Laura had written, so they were interesting, but not as good as the others. I found the Bell Jar to be dark (obviously) mostly since knowing her own struggle with mental illness. It was hard for me to come up not feeling gloomy.  The Year of Yes is a quick and interesting read. I don't watch any Shonda Rhimes shows (though I was a big Greys Fan for the first 4 seasons), but I respect her immensely. A lot of it was preachy but also some good reminders about how its okay to change and its okay if the people around you can't necessarily change with you. Little Bee was beautifully written. I've never read anything by this author before and I line him up with my beloved Barbara Kingslover. The sentence structure was unique and the wording was great. I do have a newer book of his on hold for the library and I am very much looking forward to it now.

  • Practice Yoga 78 times (43/78) 
I made it to one yoga class and it hurt like hell for nearly a week after. I definitely did too much for what my body was really able to do after 2 weeks of traveling by truck. I also tried to get back into my summer favorite of yoga on the back patio, but I couldn't quite get into the head space. I'm not totally ready to go back to work, but will enjoy the routine
  • Hike 1 mountain a month (7/12) 
Back on track!  I did one hike in Colorado, one Fire Tower, and found my way back to the summit of Mount Marcy (with Marcy dog!).  Overall a great month for hiking!

Nothing to check off -  although I did knock off one more mountain on the Fire Tower list - and while it wasn't officially on the bucket list, bringing Marcy to Mount Marcy had been a goal of mine since the day I adopted her. 

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