Monday, May 2, 2016

2016 Goals : April Recap

I have a billion things I want to write about ( beginning boilermaker training, traveling to Paris & London, Girls on the Run and others) hopefully I return to those but for now, a recap on my new years goals!
  • Run more miles than 2015 (263/695)
I was kicking ass and taking names the first few weeks of April as I've started my Boilermaker training. Maybe a bit too much since I started to feel some tightness in my quad.  I took a few extra rest days while traveling. I did run double of my mileage from 2015 with a total of 68.6 miles.  This was good enough for my highest mileage for an April ever. 4 months in, I am definitely on track for this goal!

  • Log 100 Hours of Volunteering (27 hrs)
Girls on the Run is in full swing.  And I've also logged some volunteer miles/ time on the Pine Bush Trail near my house.  I like the multi purpose of some of my runs.  I'm not entirely sure what the Pine Bush does with my trail reports, but I like to think I'm helping out! I've added up about 15 hours this month, putting me just beyond a quarter of the way towards the goal.

  • Read 39 Books (12/39)
I've managed to mostly stay on track. April was largely inspired by my upcoming trip to Paris.  I enjoyed reading memoirs of folks living there.  I realize I haven't read much fiction lately and will need to find a few good options as I start finding books for May ( suggestions always welcome )
We started studying the rainforest with reading Afternoon on the Amazon.  The children love the magic tree house books, but I have to admit, I'm a bit over. Also in honor of Beverly Cleary's 100th birthday we read Socks.  Which again, I loved.

  • Practice Yoga 78 times (38/78)
A bit more yoga happened this month, but I still feel I could make a better routine. 

  • Hike 1 mountain a month (2/12)
I'm not sure where this month went, but I never found the time for any hiking, I did do a good amount of trail running!

  • Complete 12 Bucket List Items (1/12)
Nothing officially crossed off the list, but added my 10th country & 23rd UNESCO site!

overall a solid month.  I'll be back soon with all the other things I want to revisit.

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