Thursday, May 19, 2016

London 2016

Its been nearly a month since I was in London but I still wanted to post a few pictures from my trip.  I had only posted 2 photos on facebook.  A friend of mine messaged me on FB saying "where are all your pictures, I hardly know what you did on your vacation." My response was that I spent my time doing things!  But in the event that most of the photos disappear between my phone and computer.  I like knowing there are a few floating on the internet. 

This was my 5th trip to London (2011, 2012, 2014, 2015)  It's nice visiting such a large city so many times.  I've had many opportunities to explore new to me and favorite things. With my niece and nephew being just a bit older, we are also able to do much more.  My trip included my usual favorite of walking around Kensington Gardens, my first trip to Holland Park, the Natural History Museum the Transport museum, Portabello Rd, an amazing experience at a chefs table at Parlour, dinner with a friend from my days in Spain & San Diego roommate, and an attempt to get through platform 9 3/4.
To top off the great trip I had, I was upgraded to business class for my flight home and made the connecting train to albany with 3 minutes to spare. 

I've entered the lottery for the London Marathon.  If I get in, I'll be back for my 6th trip next April.  If I don't I'll likely take my trip after my school year ends.  Either way, am already looking forward to the chance to see friends, family and London again in 2017!

my nephew looking onto the green near Kensington Palace, later in the week I saw a helicopter leaving from here, but no official royalty sighting. 

my niece had to run & perform on the patio

the kiddos giving their Momma some flowers
the amazing food at Parlour

somewhere in Holland Park

Holland Park

Peacock & nephew

on our way to see the T-Rex

transport museum 


  1. I love London! People say it's always rainy but each time I've been the weather is hot and clear and beautiful!

    1. I've generally had great weather when I've been in april. The 2 years I went in July, it wasn't nearly as nice!