Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Janji Corps

When I went to the Freihofers Run for Women expo last year,  I had predetermined that I could buy a race tank top. I had purchased one in 2013 and it is one of my favorite tops. (So much so, that really it should be replaced, why did I buy a white tank top?!)  I hadn't realized at the time, that it was sold specifically for the 35th year, and they weren't selling commemorative gear. This ended up being a blessing in disguise.  

Not for my wallet as one might think, but I had it in my head that I could still spend some money at the expo - not something I do often, especially since I had been working on budgeting. (still am!)

I ended checking out some clothing from Janji.  What caught my eye was that a purchase of their clothing would help support others access clean water. All of the clothing was of nice quality, soft fabric, with unique designs. While I wanted every shirt, I left with one with my favorite bird on it - the flamingo.  

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My specific purchase allowed Janji to donate one year of access to clean water through Water.org . According to water.org, $25 dollars is what it cost to provide access to clean water to one person for one year.  

After I got home, I immediate followed Janji on twitter and spent the day filling and emptying my online basket. ( budgeting )

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A few weeks later, they opened an application to become apart of their ambassador or Corps program. I know many bloggers/twitter/instragram folks that are ambassadors of a variety of products. Most common ambassadors are Nuun and Oiselle. I don't like the taste of Nuun and while I like Oiselle's products, I wanted to be apart of something more

On the Janji website, the creators/owners mention that runners are philanthropic (look at all those charity races & fundraisers!) but being apart of Janji Corps would mean that I could support others year round.  (and not just from buying everything - budgeting folks!)

Naturally I applied. It was a long application, lots of questions most of which I don't remember but I was hopeful. I knew that I was applying for the right reason - to be apart of something bigger, not just a potential discount or cool hashtag (seriously I've been trying to get #janjicorps to take off but it is mostly me) 

I was excited to find a few days later that I had made it through the initial application and would complete a second one. Lo and behold, I was accepted into their program. I was stoked! I remember actually jumping up and down when I received the email.  

Through following many of my fellow corps member on Instagram, Facebook and twitter,  I find that I often have a lot more in common with these folks than just the love for brightly colored uniquely patterned running gear. I look forward to the day when I cross paths with some of my corps members.

While my own contributions may be small (although while sorting through clothes this weekend, I discovered that I've accumulated 11 more pieces of Janji gear since my flamingo shirt) When I wear their gear to group runs or races, I've always been complimented on the patterns. 

Runners actually running in their gear is the best advertisement, which leads to more people supporting access to clean water. 

Being apart of something bigger matters. 

It doesn't hurt that I've achieved 5 new PRs since becoming a Corps member, is it from running for another?  Great gear that runs well?  All of the above? I think so.

A photo posted by Christine (@albanywayfarer) on

A photo posted by Christine (@albanywayfarer) on

I truly feel honored to be apart of such a great company, thanks you Janji for a great year.  I am looking forward to the next!

((if you live locally - Janji does have a pop up shop inside of Fleet Feet Albany))
((if you don't, visit RunJanji.com))

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