Sunday, April 17, 2016

Results of a run streak one year later

When I first started running, I never knew what distances I was traveling or how fast I was going.  I always ran with music and to this day can remember particular running routes in Syracuse with those songs (that always came on in the same place each time). In 2007 I signed up for my first race. The Boilermaker was the first race I ever spectated and I knew I wanted to be apart of the fun. Unlike most normal people, I bypassed the 5k and ran a 15k for my first ever road race. I was hooked. I ran my first half marathon 4 months later and signed up for a the Rock n Roll Marathon.  ( go big or go home)

I had joined a running club to train for Rock n Roll San Diego, but my training sucked.  I only ran 2x a week- often skipping all of the other runs. Amazingly I survived but was beat up. I struggled to train for Nike Womens (which was 4 months after RnRSD), but I was 24 and ran the 26.2 miles anyways.  I ran one more race wildly unprepared ( Carlsbad 1/2 Marathon in 2009) before discovering the benefit from running in preparation of race day.  (only half kidding...) I became a more consistent runner in 2009 and what a difference it made!

Before I could blink, it was 2015 and I was NO where near the runner I was 6 years before. I had moved across country twice (over & up), fell in and out of love, & hiked a lot of mountains before I realized how much I missed the person I was when I was runner.

Last April I started to run streak towards my 31st Birthday.  My goal was to run just one mile a day for 31 days.  Some days I went fast, others were painfully slow. Occasionally, I went beyond my 1 mile requirement. Each day I made sure to carve out time to run.  Marcy dog was trained to the chime of my gps watch connecting and I looked forward to our daily runs in the neighborhood.  After successfully achieving my run streak goal, I began to follow Hal Higdons beginner 15k training plan for my return to the Boilermaker.

For once I didn't let my ego take over and convince me I should be following the advanced plan. (which is what often caused for me to over train and burn out)  my base grew gradually as did my pace.  The boilermaker was my base builder for a hopeful PR at the Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon.  While that PR didn't happen, I continued training, continued being consistent and here I am a year later officially faster than ever. 

It seems crazy to say, but my little run streak changed my life.  I've made new friends, ran new routes, PRed at the 5k, 10k, 15k, and half marathon.  I may not have the blind confidence that I did when I was 24, but I am damn proud of where I am today. 

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  1. I love run streaks. I think done correctly, they can get you back on track, up your fitness, and reset your priorities! I'm glad yours improved your running life, too!