Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016 Goals - February Review

It has been really hard for me to wrap my head around this winter.  We've only had a few negative degree days and life has continued on pretty consistantly with NO snow (waaaah)  and very litle burrowing/hibernating.  This winter has definitely made it lightyears easier for me to maintain running than the past few years, but I wouldn't be heart broken if we just had one good snowstorm.  At any rate, to keep myself accountable, time to review my goals for 2016.

Run more miles than in 2015 

In 2015 I ran 31 miles in February.  In 2016, I ran 71.  There are still 10 months to go, but I am definitely liking the strong start. I did take off an entire week, but since I'm not burnt out or injured that week was good to/for me. I was just 5 miles short of my highest mileage for the month of February but did manage to squeak out my fastest pace for a February at 10'02.  

Log 100 Hours of Volunteering
I did attend my 6 hour training for girls on the run, but I don't think I'll count that towards my volunteer hours.  Girls on the Run does start next week -  so soon I'll start working my way towards this goal.

Read 39 Books (8/39)

Animal Dreams was by far my favorite. I love the way Barbara Kingsolver writes. I very much felt like I connected with Codi. While it read a bit slow, I did also enjoyed Beverly Cleary's memoir.  We've read so many of her books this year in my class that I found it interesting to see the other side.  I also shared the section where she talks about how she wrote her first book ( Henry Huggens) with my students and a few of them were interested in how she took real life events, switched them up a bit, and made them into a story.  I read the Magicians Nephew to my students, which was a little to dense for most of them, but I enjoyed it since I hadn't before,  I think I'll continue with the rest of the series independently. 

Practice Yoga 78 times (33/78)
I was a bit weak on the yoga front this month.  I did go to one class at Good Karma and did two classes with yoga studio app ( one of which was in the yoga room at Chicago Midway Airport)

Hike 1 mountain a month
Most of my weekends were still dictated by long runs.  It doesn't look like I'll get any winter climbs this year, but don't count me out, I'll still get 12 mountains this year!

Complete 12 Bucket List Items (1/12)
Nothing new has been completed yet, but flights to Paris & London have been booked.  (France will be a new country for me)  Others are still in the works!

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  1. Nice job on your mileage! My February mileage was pretty sad, but taper + recovery will do that!