Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Happenings

The brain works in fascinating ways.  I had a pretty long list of things to accomplish today, and for whatever reason it had to be in specific order.

1. Long Run
 I had made plans with Jen earlier in the week to finally attend an ARE Pancake Run.  Come Sunday morning, I really really really wanted to bail. But, I didn't want to cancel on Jen (of course she was thinking the same thing !)  luckily neither of us did bail, so we ended up at some strangers house in Albany. We took off just around 8:30 to run a 7.5 loop.  There was a big group of speedy people, we weren't that slow, but started off as the sweepers. Luckily we could always see some other people since we didn't know the route.  The miles ticked along and quite honestly, it was a gorgeous day. (i felt guilty saying that since i miss the snow)  The loop brought us back to the house were pancakes, sausage, coffee, water and chocolate mile. (what else could you need?)

2. Clean the yard
With the very slight potential for snow, I knew I had to pick up after Marcy in the yard. (the joys of dogs) the landmines in the yard had been keeping me from bringing the compost out, thus holding up the rest of the process.

3. Clean kitchen / empty fridge / etc
As stated before,  I had been dragging my heels on walking across the yard since I hadn't picked up after Marcy in over a week. Finally I cleaned out the refrigerator, sorted recycling, and cleaned my kitchen.

4. Clean out Car
Once my house was finally up to acceptable standards, it was time to finally clean my car out. I have a bad habit of leaving things behind when I get home. It starts out small, extra hat, mittens, water bottle, next thing I know, 3 different yoga outfits and 2 pairs of sneakers have gone missing.  
(in between this, I started up my lawnmower - I never emptied out the gas, so instead I make a point to start it every few weeks)
lets ride.

5. Create grocery list
I hadn't been to the supermarket in a bit, so I wanted to stock up. I reviewed a few recipes I found interesting from my Budget Bytes cookbook (most amazing cookbook I've ever owned)  

6. Run / Walk Marcy
Although I didn't get my initial goal of 10 miles this morning, after accomplishing most things on my to-do list, I decided to take Marcy to the golf course and go running to even out the mileage.  The route is VERY hilly.  And while they didn't feel tired before, my legs were definitely heavily. I ran one whole loop and then walked the second so Marcy could burn off a lot of energy. But I did manage to get my total of 10 miles for the day.

7. Supermarket
Now, I KNOW today is the superbowl.  What I was completely unprepared for was how wild the grocery store would be.  It doesn't help that the other local store is currently closed.  I was glad that I had made a list, because it would have been a lot longer of an adventure otherwise.

8. Rest
After a full and productive day, I've enjoyed doing just about nothing! (so has Marcy)

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  1. What a productive day! I wanted to go grocery shopping on Sunday too, but decided to avoid the crowds. The Super Bowl brings out the crazy shoppers!