Thursday, February 11, 2016

RnR DC Half Training Week 4

2 mile walk  & Detox Yoga 1 hr
After Sundays race, I took Monday easy. I took Marcy back to the golf course for a walk and I did make it to my 29th day of hot yoga.

4 miles @ 9:46 pace & 1 hr Hot Yoga Flow
again it was unseasonably warm (40s) so I headed over to SUNY in my shorts and long sleeves.  I always find it amusing that I think 40 degrees is appropriate shorts weather in February.  If it is 40 in May, I'll be wearing my winter tights.  I was unsure when I started out if it would be a 3 or 4 mile day.  I decided after my 3rd mile was the exact pace as my first to go for the 4th, rather than put it off or another day.  The 4th mile wasn't pretty but felt good to get it done.  After I brought Marcy home and then went to my last day of my Hot Yoga Challenge.  The class was good, I had gotten over my slump of yoga every single day, but was still excited to have a bit more flexibility with my life scheduling.
Loved seeing people out playing basketball under the lights!


After officially completing my 30 days of hot yoga.  I took Wednesday off as a complete rest day.  The wind was howling when I left school ( I think it was windier there than anywhere else) stopped home to grab Marcy before heading up to my friends house in CP.  I am thankful that he didn't mind her coming along, because I always feel really guilty if we are just hanging out watching a movie when I know Marcy is just stuck at home alone. (yes I know shes a dog, but shes MY dog. I'll be as crazy dog lady as I want.)

3 miles @ 9:42
Wednesday afternoon I received an email inviting me to the Girls on the Run Fundraiser. since I will be a head coach soon, I was quick to agree to go.  I got home from school and took Marcy out for a run in the neighborhood.  I don't run much in the neighborhood in the winter due to the lack of sidewalks/streetlights/or shoulder, but since it was fairly early and the sun was still up we got it done without any trouble.  After I did a quick clean up and clothing change before headed to the event.

6 miles @ 10:12
My friend Jessie was in town from Boston so we planned to do 3 miles at SUNY Albany. It was SO windy. The miles went by quick since we hadn't seen each other in a few months (maybe?). Once we made it back to the cars, I found a vest in my car, ( this was my later indication that I really needed to clean my car out) put it on, and headed out for a second lap.  I switched directions in hopes of it helping the wind.  It did some, but it was hard to find a groove.
notice all the layers, tank top, long sleeve, second long sleeve, fleece. and it still wasn't enough!

GOTR Training
I spent my Saturday at a Girls on the Run coaches training.  I have signed up to become a volunteer for GOTR starting up a new location at my school.  I am very eager to take on this new adventure!  After the training I decided to stop by my family friends brewery.  I hadn't had a chance to go back for a visit since the grand reopening this summer.  The folks I knew were all there so I enjoyed a flight, some bbq, and chatting with my Dads former co-worker.  Seriously everytime I run into people I know while I'm out & about, I am SO thankful that my zig zag journey around the country brought me back here.  I love being apart of this community.

7.4 group run 2.6 run with Marcy
Neither run felt super awesome.  My legs have been feeling a bit sluggish.  Last training cycle I ended up switching my cut back weeks early, which I haven't done this time and I can feel it.  I think 3 'hard' weeks is my max.  Good to note as I've already been looking ahead to some of my running goals for the rest of the year.

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  1. I bet a rest day after all that hot yoga felt good!

    I love GOTR. I'm sure being a coach is really fulfilling!