Sunday, February 21, 2016

RnR DC 1/2 Training Week 6

I have no recap for week 5 of training.  I went to yoga once.  Thats it.  No running, no cross training, Marcy barely got a walk. I was feeling beat up so I took the week off.  I don't get paid to run, running is suppose to be fun.  Luckily the week off did the trick & I'm back on board.

3 mile @ 9:41
After taking an entire week off from running, I was ready to get back out.  It certainly helped that it was shorts & tank weather inFort Myers.  I did a quick out and back in my parents neighborhood and was pleasantly surprised with my pace.  My first two miles were fairly even and while I was working for my last mile,  I was surprised to see a sub 9.  

3.31 run @ 10:16 pace
I did essentially the same route as the day before.  It's a nice sidewalk and lots of folks walking. Everyone is so friendly,  I don't have to say hello nearly as often when I am running the SUNY Albany loop. Tuesday was my Dads birthday, so we headed out to see the play Matilda.  I don't get dressed up often,  but felt the need to have proof that occasionally I wear more than courds or workout clothes.  The play was good, it was difficult to hear some of the lyrics, I'm not a regular to know if it was the songs themselves, the voices, or the system.  I know most of Roald Dahls books are fairly dark for children (i've had to do some serious editing when reading them to my students) and I think the play did a good job of maintaining the darkness.  But onward with my training report. 
last year I bought '65' for my dad. we couldn't find any other candles so we went with 6.  It worked!

3.38 miles @ 10:04
On my watch, I keep the average pace as the highlighted one- rather than current, since I've found the average to be more accurate.  So I spent this run trying to keep the same or faster average. After my run, my dad and I headed out to check out two new to me breweries in Fort Myers.  Generally we only visit Fort Myers Brewery, but had learned of two more Bury Me and Old Soul. We had a good time tasting beers and I'm thankful to have a hobby to share with my dad. (he prefered Bury Me where I preferred the beers at Old Soul)  I did learn there are some in Naples as well, so it looks like in the fall we'll check those out! 

6 miles @ 10:09
It had been a few weeks since I've done mile repeats, so I figured I would give them a whirl.  They did not go nearly as well as they had last month. I'm sure there are a few reasons for this, one, it was sunny & warm.  I have become a bit of a vampire runner, performing far better in cool temperatures and since its always dark, I run in the dark most of the time.  two, I ran on a straight, flat course but not a track.  I knew I didn't want to have to navigate the neighborhood while working for time, so I went to a section of Linear Park.  I've run/biked here in the past and it was a good choice.  I just couldn't hold the paces. Maybe it was all the crap I ate all week ( though I came home weighing the same as I left) or the fact that I ran 4 days in a row ( not typical for me)  but it is what it is - I still made a feeble attempt to do mile repeats instead of just jogging it out - so theres that..   

Stand Up Paddleboarding 
NTC - Alpha Abs
20 minutes runners yoga - yoga studio app
After 4 days in a row of running,  I was excited for my day off.  My dad and I headed up to Manatee Park to meet my uncle for some kayaking. They were pretty busy so in order for us to not have to wait to get 3 kayaks, I volunteered to take the SUP out.  I have been paddleboarding before and like it - and don't get many chances to do it in the Albany area.  We had a really good time cruising down stream.  We saw A LOT of manatees.  A one point, I went down on my knees, because I had suspected that I was really close to one, sure enough it popped up right in front of me before diving under my board.  I let out a good scream that everyone else enjoyed.  Our big mistake was not turning around sooner.   The wind and currant were strong, but we were having such a good time checking at the homes and the manatees.  When we did finally turn around, we realized we had a LOT of work ahead of us to get back.  We made progress ( not much) and I spent most of my time on my knees because of the manatees & the wind.  After passing some folks fishing I had joked with them about how it seemed like a good idea at the time.  The kept on fishing, but as they headed back to the launch, they offered to hitch us up and bring us back to the park.  At first we said no, but when they asked again we decided to go for it. The kind folks tied my dads kayak up, i hopped onto the boat, and held onto my uncles kayak as he held onto my board.  It made for its own adventure & we were all very thankful for those kind folks!

not rocks, those are manatees!
so jeans aren't idea for yoga, but found a yoga room at the Chicago Midway Airport & couldn't NOT do something!

Rest // NTC Alpha Abs
I had 2 very awful landings during my flights back to Albany Friday night.  The winds in Chicago were awful, I was SO thankful that I hadn't had anything to drink, because my stomach was in rare form.  When we landed, I was hoping that my connecting flight to Albany would be canceled so that I wouldn't have to go back into the air. It wasn't canceled, and the ascent was far better, the descent into Albany wasn't AS bad as Chicago, but it wasn't good.  I went to bed still feeling the rock n roll of the airplane.  So when I woke up Saturday I felt like I had indulged in many many beers. I drank a lot of water, spent most of my day in bed with Marcy dog, did eat lots of mac & cheese at the mac & cheese bowl before eating a sensable dinner, watching the x-files and going to bed.  

Lake Effect Half Marathon @ 9:57
I'll do a full recap soon, but I decided last minute to run this half.  I wanted one training 13.1 (vs the three I did for Mohawk Hudson) I decided to focus on fueling & I think I consider it a success. And while I only beat Octobers time by 24 seconds,  I felt 8 billion times better.

After feeling dead & taking an entire week off - I am SO please with how this week went.  It was my highest mileage during this training cycle & I am feeling great ( minus the extraordinary amount of chafing that occurred today).  Cheers to 3 weeks until RnR DC!

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  1. I think it's smart to take a week off when you're not feeling it - you're right, running is a hobby, and if we push it when we're not feeling it, the joy disappears and that's when injuries happen.

    I need to try mile repeats. I've never done them before because they intimidate me!