Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Faster or Longer ?

Running Goals:

Rangar relay/Reach the Beach   RagnarADK 2013 !
Finish a race in a stadium
Complete a 50k
Complete an ultra marathon (50 miles)
Complete a 100k
Mud run 6/12/10: USMC Camp Pendleton
Run a marathon 6/2008: Rock n Roll San Diego  10/2008: Nike Women's Marathon
Finish a marathon in under 4:30
Finish a half marathon in under 2:00 hours
Run a 5k in 25 minutes
Run a 10k in 55 minutes
Qualify for Boston
Race Boston
Age place in a race  3rd place 20-29 at Run for Ross 5k
Race the San Diego Triple Crown
Receive a Rock n Roll Heavy Medal
Complete the Dopey Challenge
Run 1,200 miles in a year
run a half marathon in each state + dc & puerto rico (6/52)

It is no secret that I like measurable goals. I do monthly recaps of my annual goals and have an entire page of bucket list items I've been plugging away at for the last 7 years. As my consistency with training improves, I am having a harder time deciding how to tackle those remaining. 

Some days, I believe focusing on my speed first, will prepare me physically to run the longer distances ( ie, I won't have to run AS long to cover the distance- not that I'll be *that* much faster)  Other days I wonder if I build up my endurance and stamina for those crazy long distances, would it prepare me to push harder for shorter distances.  

So I'm torn. 

My 2016 is quickly filling up with 13.1s and 15ks because they area safe distance for me. I am interested in possibly training for and running a full marathon, but then wonder if my lack of attention to one goal is also what is holding me back.  

As for what I am registered for already - I have a general idea of what those goals are:

March: Rock n Roll DC - 13.1 
Goal:  New PR

April: Syracuse 13.1
Goal: Course PR

May: Mothers Day 5k 
Goal:  New PR 

May: Maine Coast 13.1
Goal: New State

July: Boilermaker 15k*
Goal:  Course PR

*registration isn't open yet- but am a returning runner

So there it is.  
Will focusing on speed help me with distance in the future?  
Will adding distance improve my speed?  


  1. I have the same dilemma. Let me know if you find the answer.

  2. For awhile, running longer really helped me get faster, but then I went BEYOND normal running long...marathon training really slowed me down a LOT. But in shorter distances, I've found I can still push it because at least I know it's over soon!

    I'm going to focus on short distances and getting faster, and hopefully it'll make running marathons faster and less painful for me, too!