Sunday, January 31, 2016

RnR DC Half Marathon Training - Week 3

After missing my long run last week, I was ready to rock this week!

Monday: 3 miles @ 9:57  & 1hr Hot Yoga Flow 
I don't normally run on Mondays (since most of my long runs end up being on Sundays)  but without a long run & a pretty lame sunday for Marcy we laced up and headed over to tried and true SUNY.  I love that its close, lit, and all that jazz -- but it will be nice in a few weeks when I atleast have options of where I can run and be seen.  I had gone to yoga class first, which made me feel a bit wonky but was glad to have done both.

I think I was trying to get a picture of marcy, who wouldn't come to me quick enough for the self timer-  but found this on my phone & thought it was funny.

Tuesday: 1hr Hot Yoga Flow & 2 mile walk at the golf course
When I left work it was still warm & light out, so I decided to hurry home and grab Marcy to head over to the golf course for a walk.  I knew that we wouldn't have enough time for the loop, but walked a mile out before running into a friend and walking back with her and her dogs.  Later I made it to a different hot yoga flow class ( i very much like this instructor over the one the day before...)  

I'm obsessed with pasta fagioli

Wednesday: 4 mile run @ 9:55 & 75 minutes of Baptiste yoga
Again my plans to do AM yoga and then run with Fleet Feet were ruined, so I ended up running after work with Marcy for 3 miles and meeting up briefly with the Wednesday night ARE-rs for another mile. 

Thursday: 1 hour hot vinyasa & 6 mile @ 10:37
I was SO dead on thursday.  But knowing that I was just a few days away from reaching 30 days of hot yoga -  skipping yoga wasn't an option.  I also knew that I was too tired to try to do a tempo run, but still wanted the miles.  I sent out a few texts to people to see if anyone would be interested in running & luckily Dara agreed. As soon as I entered the 4:30pm yoga class, I was dreading trying to have enough energy for an hour long run too.  But, I wouldn't have enough time to cancel, so I changed into my kit and headed over to campus.  I told Dara I might walk the whole thing, but luckily it didn't come to that.  We kept it slow & steady.  Dara also let me bitch about a lot of really trivial stuff, it was a very theraputic 2 hours between yoga & the run.  My legs were up for a tempo and my friday was all booked up, so it was the best I could offer.

the lighting at SUNY is terrible in the dark.  I can't wait for more evening light!

Friday:  1 hr hot flexibility flow
I had to be at work late for a presentation, which was why running wasn't in the cards for the day.  I even asked my neighbor to stop by to let Marcy out, so that I could rush to the last yoga class of the night.  The class was good and I discovered that I can do a full split !

Saturday:  1 Hr Gentle Yoga ( not that gentle!!)
I had a super busy Saturday.  I woke up early and had to run a few errands to get ready for my friends baby shower.  I knew that I had to go to the morning class because my afternoon was just as busy. So I packed my clothes for the party before heading for gentle yoga.  It was a different instructor (and a wicked packed class-- they need to limit how many people!)  who had the room way too hot for gentle yoga.  I could hear the men around me actually dripping (which is a first actually)  at anyrate, after class I cleaned up, got dressed and headed to the shower.  After a really lovely afternoon, I came home and read for a bit, before getting ready to head to a Siena Saints game.  A colleague of mine had won tickets and invited me to go with her.  We ended up with AMAZING seats and we really enjoyed the evening

Sunday: 10 miles @ 10:05 // 2 mile walk w/Marcy // 1 hour sweat & let go yoga

Since September, I've always done 1-2 miles before a race to warm up. Racing has gone A LOT better.  But today, I just wasn't that motivated.  I knew that if I did a proper warm up, I'd then be more inclined to try to race the 10-miler.  I really wanted to just have this be a training run.  Especially after feeling really tired throughout the whole week. I skipped my warm up and socialized with all my favorite people.  My first two miles were my slowest (per usual with out a warm up) but then I had a solid run.  I ran the second half faster than the first and really liked the way my form and stride felt.  I knew that it was very likely that I'd update my PR and sure enough I did by about 14 minutes.  ( I haven't run many 10 mile races!)  After I hung out for a bit before heading home and grabbing Marcy to head to the golf course.  I knew if I sat, poor Marcy would have a very boring weekend, so we did our two mile walk on a very hilly route.  Yoga was the last thing I wanted to do, but I knew it would likely help my body recovery quicker from the long run and be day 28 towards 30.  There is no way I would be screwing this up so close!  The class was SO packed.  I liked the instructor and would probably like it even more if I wasn't moving like a robot.  

I hit my mileage goal for the week, but did miss the tempo run. I'll still consider it a success.  I hit a bit of a slump with all the yoga, but will go back to one/two days a week instead of 7 very soon!

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