Monday, January 25, 2016

RnR DC 1/2 Training Week 2

Hot Yoga Flow (1hr)
Since I had the day off for Martin Luther King Jr, I was able to go to a morning class at the Hot Yoga Spot. It was a new to me teacher who I wouldn't place in my top 5. After class I went out for brunch with a friend from middle school and otherwise enjoyed the day.

Hot Yoga Flow (1hr)
Another yoga class. I've really gotten into a routine. Although I don't remember much, most of the classes tend to blur at this point.

5k @ 9:28 & 75 min Baptiste HOT yoga
I had wanted to go to the morning yoga class so that I could join fleet feet for their pub run series, but it didn't work out.  Instead I headed over to SUNY after school with Marcy.  The run felt good & easy.  After I went to a new to me class, which I very much enjoyed.  It was with an instructor that I like and didn't differ too much from all of the flow classes I've attended this month.

Hot Vinyasa (1hr) Track workout - 6.5 miles total
I was so proud of my self on Thursday,  I had packed all my bags, programmed my garmin and was ready for another day of yoga and running.  Midway through the day, I realized I never packed my garmin.  So I ended up heading back home before yoga to grab it.  The class was good, I like Bethanys class.  After I changed into my running clothes to meet Dara at the track.  I'm SO thankful she agreed to meet me there.  It was dark (half of the track is well lit) and the wind was fierce on the back half.  Had she not been there, its very likely that I would have bailed.  She did her own track work while I warmed up. After 2 miles  ( seems like a long warm up to some, but I've found it definitely takes me 2 miles to get going) I did 3 mile repeats with a half mile recovery. I know that other runners may do shorter recovery times, but this was the workout created for me by runners world smart coach.  Plus, I like getting the extra mileage. With the cold and wind, this workout was tough, but I surprised myself by being able to keep my repeats faster than my goal and with my fastest being my last!  When I finished, I found that I was locked in the track! luckily the gate isn't high so I just hopped over to leave. Since I don't run with music, I'm not sure how I missed whoever it was that locked up.

it probably helped that I received my Janji racing singlet that day!

how cool is garmin?  I love that it told me what to do- it means that not all of my trackworkouts will be dependent on a track!

2 mile walk & Flexibility Flow (1hr)
I ended up tied up at school for a bit preparing for open house, so I didn't get home early enough to take Marcy dog to the dog park/golf course.  Since she wasn't with me for the track workout (although if it had been warmer, it was fenced in and I was the only person after Dara had left...)  I knew Marcy needed some form of an outing. We took a nice walk in the neighborhood and relaxed before making it to the last class of the night.
beautiful moon during our walk

Gentle Yoga (1hr) & 3 miles @ 10:19
I talked about my weekend already in my last post.  But I had to work this weekend, which threw off my running game a bit.  I did still make it to gentle yoga.  I prefer this class on the weekends, especially after yoga every single day. After work I eventually made it to the gym for my first indoor run in a long while.  I kept the pace easy,  I always seem to have a hard time with my breath and pacing on the treadmill.  It wasn't too painfully boring, but I realize I have definitely become an outdoor runner (it helps that this winter has been mild so far..)

Beginners yoga @ common roots brewing  & Sweat & let go (1hr)
Sunday was all about the yoga.  Again, I already touched on this, but I enjoyed my sunday which didn't leave a ton of space for a long run.  I have however made it 3 full weeks into my hot yoga challenge.

This week wasn't as kick ass as week 1, but I'm still feeling really good about how it'll all play out.  I have just a few more days of my yoga challenge before I'll have more time to run / other cross training.


  1. I'm running the Rock N Roll USA Marathon! Maybe I'll see ya there! Good luck with your training! :)

    Lindsey aka Freckles

  2. Your training weeks are so solid! I'm jealous of how much non-running workouts you manage to fit in!