Sunday, January 17, 2016

RnR DC 1/2 Training Week 1

Since Mohawk Hudson,  I haven't known where to place my running focus.  I had thought about trying again for the PR at the Hangover Half, but needed a mental break.  Thankfully I kept running & really started seeing some growth in my speed and recovery.  I did land a new 5k, 10k and 15k PR.  All the while knowing that what I really want is a new Half Marathon PR. I even considered flying out to San Diego to run my favorite ( and PR holding course)  but after a look at my finances (and my money goals for 2016) I knew it wasn't really a possibility. I half heartily created a training plan to train for the Hudson Mohawk Winter Marathon but wasn't completely committed. Last week it was a torrential on the day I should have run a 25k. I had absolutely no desire to make up those miles, and decided that a winter marathon was not where my heart was.

Instead I began to refocus on my desire for a new Half Marathon PR. A few years ago, I had a wanted to run Rock N Roll DC.  I love RNR events and on my bucketlist I want to earn one of their Heavy Medals.  Since I have unofficially named 2016 as the year of the bucketlist, I decided to start by finally registering for RnR DC.  Luckily, in keeping with my financial goal, I have enough southwest points for a free trip.  All I need now, is to find accommodations.

But more running related:  I started training this week and have had an AWESOME week.  

Monday: Hot Yoga Flow
I was up & out a bit too late Sunday night.  I went to bed around midnight ( which is over 2 hours later than usual)  I opted to sleep in and not go to Spin class.  Instead I went to HOT yoga flow. It was a tough class, but felt good. 

Tuesday: 5k @ 8:48 (27:17)
I hadn't planned on running on Tuesday.  But Marcy has been SO bored. She needs a lot of activity to keep her happy.  I decided to put on most thermal tights (North Face, worth every penny)  and layered up before heading over to tried and true SUNY albany.  I had no expectation for the run, it had snowed (less than an inch, but the sidewalks weren't salted)  so I just wanted to making around the loop (just once woot!) without falling.  I was shocked that my first mile came in at 9:15.  I was running with a steady effort, but it wasn't unmanageable.  I kept plugging along, enjoying the snow was was very pleased when my second mile was 8:35 (!!!)  From here, I had to work at it, but I was able to keep the last mile nearly identical at 8:36.  Since I knew if I kept going for the extra .1 I'd give myself a new (unofficial) PR I naturally HAD to do it.  

Talk about runners high. 

After, I dropped Marcy back off at home, changed in to dry clothes and headed over for Hot Yoga Flow.  The class was incredible.  

Wednesday: 6 miles @ 9:40 (58:17)
It was cold on Wednesday.  The wind had picked up and my weather app claimed it was a "real feel" of 7 degrees. Now, I'm not sure what got into me, because normally my limit is at "feels like" 15 but I layered up and headed over to SUNY Albany for a lap with Dara before the ARE group run.  We hadn't had a chance to run together since the Hangover Half - where I felt untalkative.  The miles went by quick and soon we were back at the parking lot in time to say hello to other run club folks and head out for a second lap.  I was the slowest runner. I did get to chance to chat with a new to me person. But was working hard to sort of keep up.  My legs were a lot more tired from the previous day than I expected.  Because all of my layers, I couldn't see my watch.  I assumed I was running a high 10 minute pace. I wasn't too worried about the pace, but was very pleasantly surprised to find my pace 9:40.  
After the run, I headed back the Hot Yoga Spot for Slow Flow.  I was so cold from my run, that even the class didn't warm me up.  I went to bed absolutely exhausted.  Two runs that were fast & cold definitely wore me out.

Thursday: Hot Vinyasa 
Since my new swimsuit & goggles had finally arrived, I wanted to go swimming.  But after running two days in a row & all the yoga, I decided to just stick to my hot yoga class.  I went into the class feeling miserable.  But the class ended up being great.  I was still glad to have some time to just sit at home. 

Friday: Hot Flexbility Flow
I had planned on going to a 4:30 yoga class but it was warm (40s) so I opted to switch to the later class so that I could grab Marcy dog and go for a walk at the golf course.  Marcy was SO stoked to be able to run.  We made the 2 mile loop just in time before the sunset.  It was worth going to the extra class for sure.

Saturday: Gentle Yoga // 2 miles @ 9:48
Surprisngly, I find it harder to get to the yoga classes on the weekends then during the week.  I was comfortable in my pjs and wasn't super motivated to go.  I did of course.  After I cleaned my house, read a few chapters of Yes Please before eventually going out for a 2 mile shake out with Marcy.  She has been restless all day. It only seemed fair. 

Sunday: HMRRC 15k // Sweat & let go Hot Yoga


  1. Congrats on a great first week! I love the first week of're so motivated to get the workouts done and it feels good to have purpose!