Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's okay to not run

Most of my weekends are free and clear. I don't tend to do much (although I am definitely an extrovert, I find that after being 'on' at work all week - all I want is to read/sleep/run and sit in silence most weekends) That coupled on the fact that I have been on a NO spending this month ( no dining out, no take out & no shopping ) means there isn't much to do in the winter months, aside from run with friends.  It may seem strange, but I love my semi-hermit life.  

This weekend was different. I was at school later on Friday in order to clean/organize my classroom for our open house. I got home too late to go to the dog park, but with enough light to at least take a nice 2 mile walk with Marcy before heading to my Friday night yoga class (pre-paid friends, still no spending)  It was my turn to be at the open house on Saturday, so I went to the 10:30am yoga class before having to be at school. I had planned on running, but a friend offered to come by with her dog so that our dogs could play together. I also hadn't seen my friend in a while, so it was nice to just hang out (and for Marcy to get some energy burned off). After she left, I had lost some of my enthusiasm to run 11 miles. That coupled with other friends saying they'd be in the neighborhood, I scooted to the gym, ran 3 miles before coming home to eat dinner before they came over.  

It was nice to have people around and I don't regret choosing to be with people over running longer.  

I woke up on Sunday unsure of how to plan my day. Jen and I were going up to Glens Falls for a Hops & Yoga event which would take up a chunk of time between 10-2.  Ultimately I ended up grocery shopping instead of running in the morning because quite honestly, it was cold.

The yoga class was very beginners friendly. I enjoyed being in the brewery and being with a friend.  After we enjoyed a few off their beers (all included with a $10 donation to the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce yes I did splurge $10 dollars, but figure it's a donation!) we made our way back to Albany. 

Now, I could have gone for a run, but I also knew that I was going to a hot yoga class at 4:30.  Yes, a second yoga class. Since it was the opposite of hot inside the brewery, I wanted to stick as close to the letter as possible for my self imposed hot yoga challenge.  So rather than running, I took a nap.  

It was awesome.

At 4pm I was back up and heading back to The Hot Yoga spot for day 21.  It was a packed class and I didn't feel awesome, but certainly felt glad I went when I left. For about 30 seconds I thought about running after before deciding it was okay if I didn't run.  I don't like missing long runs, but I enjoyed my weekend.  I know that I didn't lose any fitness by not running. Rather than worry about it,  I'll pick up this week and keep moving forward.  

As for my busy weekend,  I now feel like I need a day to sit in silence in my house.  


  1. I always found that if you take an extended rest period every once in a while you come back stronger. I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  2. I always like to sit in silence on weekends. It's my favorite way to bounce back from the week!