Saturday, January 2, 2016

HMRRC Winter Series #2 Hangover Half Marathon

While in Florida last week,  my nephew brought the lovely present of a stomach bug. I had survived 3 days (while everyone else fell victim) but couldn't completely out run it- and ended up being sick Monday night/Tuesday morning. I thought that I had bounced back quickly but I spent most of Tuesday eating soup & popsicles. I felt great on Wednesday, but apparently over did it and felt miserable all day Thursday. I spent most of my day sleeping before trying to rally for New Years Eve.  I went out for dinner and had intended to stay all night, but just felt awful. I ended leaving and heading home before midnight.  I had hoped that with more sleep I'd finally kick it for good.

I woke up and ate a light breakfast before eventually heading over to SUNY for the Hangover Half. My stomach felt okay while I did a bit over a mile of a warm up. Per usual my warm up was painfully slow.  I met up with Jen & Dara before heading outside.  It was cooler than its been ( and actually enjoyed some snow flurries throughout the course)  but I felt plenty warm enough with clothing choice.  I was glad I had taken off the pressure to PR months ago, since given the way my week had played out, I knew it wasn't likely.  I did hope to run around a 2:15 but my heart wasn't completely set on that either. 

The horn went off and we went on our merry way.  I did my best to avoid taking the first mile out too fast and felt mostly comfortable.  I was running with Dara, which was great but also a bit tough for me mentally since I wasn't feeling awesome.  I wasn't quite in the mood to chat but did my best to engage as we looped around the state campus.  Everything was fine for the first 7 miles.  I was average 10:00-10:18 and everything seemed normal.  

And then there was mile 8. I'm not sure what happened but it was as if I was suddenly carrying 3x my weight.  I gave myself a minute to walk tried to get my head back into the game, then I went back to shuffling along. After I survived to mile 9,  I began to think about dropping out.   I've only ever DNFed once, after a severe sprain mid race, so I had to think about it.  What conclusion I came to, was that I have some big goals for 2016 and this race, wasn't one of them.  I felt exhausted, cold, and my gait was changing. When I reached the final turn around,  I continued on straight by passing the finish and running to my car. 

I do not regret it. 

Another 30+ minutes would have beaten me up even more than I was already feeling. So while I am disappointed that I didn't finish,  I am still pleased that I made it to 10 miles (11.3 if you include my warm up)  Mile for mile, I'm already ahead of where I was on January 1st 2015.

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  1. Sometimes DNF'ing is the smart choice. It sounds like your body really needed more time to recover from being sick, and even when you feel fine, sometimes sickness totally destroys our energy levels! I'm glad you made the smart choice, even if it was tough.