Monday, January 11, 2016

30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge: Days 1-7

I have a ton of stuff on my bucket list.  Most are easily attainable, some require money, & training, others just need to be a focus.  Since living in San Diego, I have wanted to do a 30 day hot yoga challenge.  Initally the goal was simply bikram, but quite honestly, the scheduling for that just would never work in my life. I also have found that the delivery of bikram stresses me.  So I opened my challenge to be 30 days of hot yoga.  I still held off on starting, hot yoga studios are wicked expensive (still are!) but after writing my goals for 2016, I knew that I wanted to accomplish more off of my bucketlist this year than last.  So after comparing a few hot local studios - I went with the Hot Yoga Spot ( it is close to my house) and began.  I've made it 7 days in a row and plan to continue.  Below are a few thoughts that I had about the class.  (this week I mostly talked about the instructors- maybe next week I'll focus on my practice more...)  anyhow.  Week one, complete.

Day 1:  Hot Detox Yoga - Aaron
Admittedly I didn't really want to go to the class simply based on the name.  Detox, really?  But it fit in the time frame that I was looking for so I finally bit the bullet, signed up for a whole unlimited month and went. I hadn't been to The Hot Yoga Spot before but it's close to my house.  ( I had wanted to support a coworkers yoga studio, but it is just too far away)  It was busy.  The class fit nearly 36 people in a very small room.  Surprisingly I found this comforting.  It was impossible to watch other people - and I figured no one was watching me (which I know they aren't anyways).  I hadn't been to a male instructors class since my days with Morrie in San Diego.  Morrie was who brought me to yoga regularly.  Aaron kept the class going at a good pace, offered modifications, &made jokes,  I enjoyed the environment he created and am looking forward to trying some of his other classes.
Moment of note: Finding stillness in mountain - not playing with my hair or fixing clothes.  Just be still.

Day 2: Hot Vinyasa - Jess P
I had wanted to go to an earlier class, but had a staff meeting that kept me a bit later.  But I also didn't want to go to too late. (it's dark & cold, its hard for me to be out of the house after 8pm since I want to be asleep by then)  Parking was tougher, but found a spot on the upper lot and checked in.  Again it was packed.  Between the earlier classes letting out & others coming it-  there isn't quite enough locker/coat space but apparently they are expanding.  I found my way into my room, and ended up next to a heater (3 walls had heaters) and I didn't want to be in the center.  This class wasn't as full as the detox, but it certainly wasn't empty.  I could see myself in the mirror, which messed with my head a bit -  I prefer to not be able to check myself and others out.  (btw the girl next to me is SO advanced, she makes me look like a brand newbie.)  The class was good,  I struggled with chaturangas but otherwise enjoyed this instructors class as well.  She talks a lot - I like everything she said, but man she could probably use a solid deep breath!  I would definitely take her class again.

Day 3: Hot Slow Flow - Aaron
I mistakenly thought that this class would be 'easier' after two days of hot yoga & running 6 miles before the class.  I was wrong.  It did move at a slower pace, which was at times harder since then I had to hold poses for longer.  Again I enjoyed Aaron's class.  He knows the routine he wants to lead and is very clear on the sequence.  At some point he said " you have the ability to choose to be happy"  this is something I strongly believe in, it was refreshing to hear it.

Day 4: Hot Vinyasa - Bethany
I was able to make it directly to class after school. I was surprised at how busy the class was given it was 4:30.  I enjoyed Bethanys class.  She is more 'serious' than Aaron or Jess but creates a very peaceful environment.  I've stopped trying to do chaturanga but settled into knees / chest/ upward dog. Despite my many years of yoga, apparently I've been doing proper chaturangas wrong, so this is a new adjustment for me.

Day 5: Hot Flexbility Flow - Aaron
I like exploring different classes, but Aaron seems to teach the classes that work best for me. After school I picked up Marcy dog, did 2 loops at SUNY Albany before heading back down Western Ave for class.  I enjoyed the class and it was a really relaxing way to end the week.

Day 6:  Hot Gentle Yoga - Vickie
It  wasn't until this class, that I realized that I am considered a "new years resolutioner" I was chatting with a woman who mentioned that it won't be as busy once the new years - fades out. She wasn't rude about it - but I realized that it includes me.  (although  I have 24 days to go)  at any rate - a woman that I volunteered with in october was in class next to me, which was fun to see a familiar face.  Lately I've been very happy to run into people throughout the community.  Gentle is a very good way to describe the class, very little downward dogs or chaturangas.  It was a nice break from the previous 5 days.  It was still a sweatfest, but it did allow for me to focus on some small movements, like my hands & breath.

Day 7::  Hot Gentle Yoga - Karen
This class was still a good sweat.  But the instructor seemed very disjointed. She would start a pose and then backtrack.  Really, what I saw was me trying to teach a yoga class.  She clearly knew her stuff, knew what she wanted to do, but couldn't quite excute it clearly.  The main difference I saw, was that the other instructors I've seen did very little of their own practice, mostly guiding others during the class.  Karen spent most of her time on the mat -  it seems that multi-tasking just wasn't working yet.  I saw some familiar faces from the running club and enjoyed the more 'gentle' style class before jumping back into another full week of classes.


  1. I can't imagine hot yoga 30 days in a row! I'm equally impressed and horrified by the thought. :) I'm glad you chose the Hot Yoga Spot - its been my favorite studio (I've been to 3 of their locations) and I love the instructors, particularly Aaron and Bethany. Looking forward to hearing how the rest of your month goes!

    1. I like both of them too -- although I think their styles are very different! I'm on day 10 today and am already trying to find a way that I can keep going regularly and stay within my monthly budget!

  2. Sounds like you're getting a lot of different and fun types of yoga in! I've tried hot yoga and it made me want to pass out haha. I'm actually enjoying yoga that's directed at runners specifically lately...because I feel like it's tailored to my sport, I can make myself do it and enjoy it!

  3. I've never tried hot yoga, I've only tried a few sessions of Adrienne's yoga on the internet. And I suck at it. I am really really bad.

    I'd love to go to a class sometime, but I think I need a bit more practice.

    Good going with week 1, I hope you keep it up. Good luck with the thirty days :)