Friday, December 25, 2015

Races, Paces, Places & Fees 2015

2015 was a big year for me as a runner.  After many years of half ass training, I've been the most consistent I've been since I bought my nike + (originally a foot pod) in 2009. This year I ran the most miles ever ( I was going to say only 700 - before realizing that 700 miles is quite a distance to travel by running.) I ran more races than ever before and managed to squeak out new PRs for the 5k, 10k, and 15k.

race: Bill Hogan 3.5 Miler
pace:  10'47"
place: Albany, NY
fee: free with HMRRC membership

race: Winter Series #4 15k
pace: 10'18"
place: Albany, NY
fee: free with HMRRC Membership

race: Paradise Coast Half Marathon 
pace: 10'52"
place: Naples, FL
fee: $65-70 (not entirely sure)

pace: 10'45"
place: Syracuse, NY
fee: $65-70 (not entirely sure)

Pace:  9'11"
Place: Albany, NY
Fee: $40 (last chance registration)

pace: slow & steady
place: Northampton, Ma
fee: $110

pace: 10'39"
place: Utica, NY
fee: $53

pace: 11'47"
place: Voorheesville, NY
fee: $20

pace: 11'02"
place: Lake George, NY
fee: $30 

pace: 12'01"
place: Voorheesville, NY
fee: $20

race: SEFCU 5k
pace: 9'09
place: Albany, NY
fee: $15-20 ( can't totally remember )

pace: 10'01"
place: Saratoga, NY
fee: $65

race: Ragnar ADK
place: Saratoga Springs - Lake Placid
fee: Raised 1,190 for Double H Ranch!

pace: 9'57"
place: Albany, NY
fee: $53

pace: 11'20"
place: Voorheesville, NY
fee: $40 (maybe?  these cash registrations trick me)

pace: 8'51"
place: Clifton Park, NY
fee: $20

pace: 9'20"
place: Troy, NY

race: Troy Turkey Trot 5k
pace: 9'32"
place: Troy, NY
fee: $67 for both 10k & 5k

pace: 9'32"
place: Albany, NY
fee: Free with HMRRC membership 

my year in safety pins - in 2016 I resolve to bring my own to races.

Total Miles Raced: 143.9 (+ragnar)
Total Money Spent on Races: roughly $675

I could see myself repeating many of these races.  I know I won't be in Florida in time to run Paradise Coast again, but am looking to add at least one more new state (maine) in 2016. I'm eager to take on 2016 to see where it will take me in terms of races, paces, and places ( though fees I could do without!)


  1. I'm honestly scared to add up my race costs this year! It's so hard for me to give up racing but I know the money could be better spent elsewhere.

    You had a great year! 700 miles is quite an accomplishment!

    1. It seemed like a lot, but it ended up being about 35 per race (lots of cheap races around here to balance out the pricey ones!) I can think of worse ways to spend money! (lets not evaluate my running clothes situation...)

  2. You had an awesome year for running! I ran 652 miles but I biked 1967! Biking definitely took the lead this past year for me.
    Your post made me curious to see how much money I spent on racing... it was a bit of an eye opener for me! I knew I spent a lot, and technically a few of this years races were paid for in 2014 but I counted them in. I spent almost $1200 on race registrations! Ouch. Maybe that's why I haven't signed up for anything in 2016 yet!

    1. I think technically a few of my races were also paid for in 2014 - but I did the same. Some of the race fees are really high! I still believe that 1200 is still spent well. You were active & healthy. I'm confident that my bar tab would be a lot higher if my race registrations were lower....

  3. Wow! That's a lot of races, but you seemed to do well on avoiding a ton of fees!