Sunday, December 20, 2015

Doug Bowden Winter Series # 1

Last week was the first race of the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Winter Series. Last year I made it to 3 of the races and truly enjoyed each one. This year I plan on attending all of them to help keep the momentum that I've built since May. (april really, when I started my birthday run streak)  At any rate, these races are worth doing for several reasons.  1.  They are hosted at SUNY Albany, which has become a frequent route for me.  2. With membership with HMRRC the races are free ( or 5 dollars per race)  3. Hot soup & coffee post race. 4. They start at 10am.

I know I'm getting older since I no longer need to set an alarm on the weekends. I woke up, enjoyed coffee & breakfast before heading over to SUNY.  I did a 2 mile warm up, which felt absolutely awful. Slow with elephant legs. I began to dismiss any thoughts of a PR run and figured either way, I'd get some quality miles.

After my warm up, I headed into PE building and chatted with some folks from the running club(s). Just before 10 we all shuffled outside to line up. The winter series is pretty low frills,  as we were all chatting, it was suddenly time to start and off we went.

Along with the 15k there is also a 3 mile race and we all follow the same route for the first 3 miles. (surprisingly there more people running the 15k then the 3 miler !)  It was hard to not get caught up in the faster paces, but I had found my own pace and kept with it. 

 I knew that my previous 15k PR was with a 10'15ish pace. Given my current running fitness, my only goal was to keep my pace at or below 10'15". The route isn't scenic but it is mostly flat, so it was easy to just zone out & run.  We loop around the state campus a few times, and I could see the fast folks ( and realize that if I could run 9 miles in an hour I would run 9 miles ALL. THE. TIME.) I felt hungry and wished that I had packed chews for the run. The wind was brutal and I had never noticed it before but it was uphill the for the entire last mile.  

Once we re entered the SUNY campus I picked it up my feet, put my head down and made my way towards the finish.  There are several turns but it didn't stop me from gaining some speed.  I made my way down the final stretch and finished at 1:29:09.  This was a 9 minutes improvement from 2014's Winter Series #1 and a new PR by about 5 minutes.

This was my last race for 2015 and it was certainly the icing on the cake of a successful fall season. 

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  1. Nice job!! I love may be my favorite race distance.