Tuesday, December 8, 2015

ARE's Dippikill Weekend / Adventure Race

this past weekend I attempted to relive my favorite days of traveling/hostels/and randomness.  I signed up with ARE to stay at Dippikill for the weekend with 30 or so of my fellow running club members.  I've been to Dippikill before and have away had a great time.  I wish I were a SUNY Albany Alum so that I could go on my own, rather than always be dependent on an invitation.  I met up with a fellow Le Moyne Alum to drive up Friday afternoon.  We got there plenty early and settled in.  All evening people arrived and joined in as we enjoyed a few beers and played cards against humanity. Somewhere  along the way, I agreed to go for a 5k run in the morning.  When the morning came, I regretted it slightly, but one we got started I quickly changed my tune.

The trails were great,  I followed my running partners pace - and we stopped to enjoy the view and often stopped to check the map. We ran down to the lake halfway and back.  After we got back we enjoyed some breakfast and began to help getting ready for the Adventure Race. 

I had no intention of running the race,  I had run 11 miles the day before and had already ran 3 miles on trails.  The adventure race is unique because it does not have set mileage or course.  This sounds awesome and stupid since I have some goals in mind for 2016.  Instead I officially started the clock and snapped some pictures.  

 After the runners left, I put on some warm clothes, cleaned up breakfast and spent longer than I should have looking for where to leave the garbage.  Eventually I made my way out to the beverage station mid course.  I hung out there with other folks before the last runners came through and we hiked back to the cook out.  This was quite possibly the most pg weekend I've had at dippikill but it was still a good time.  I enjoy being up there and the company. 

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