Friday, November 27, 2015

Troy Turkey Trot 10k & 5k

As I read through my previous Turkey Trot 10ks,(2011, 2013, 2014) it seemed that each year I went to the race semi-dragging my heels, only to have a good time running it. Maybe its because I have 3 dogs currently at my house and sleeping in isn't remotely an option, but not going to the race never crossed my mind this year. A bunch of people from Wednesday night runs were going and I was eager to get the miles. Rather than a stand alone long run this week, I knew that between a warm up, 10k, and 5k I'd get close enough to my goal of 11-12 miles ( I ended up 10.8)

I unfortunately was moving really slow,  generally I plan to be at a race an hour before, but for some reason was set against leaving my house at 6:40am. This backfired some, because the bridge was already closed when I did get to Troy at 7:10. I had wanted to park in the Atrium since I was running both races, but most of the roads were already closed. I ended up finding parking 3 blocks and called it. I nervous about how much time I had, so I was off to shake out my legs. I did an odd loop around Troy and was able to get 1.5 out of the 2 miles I wanted to warm up. I stopped at the bathroom and then decided to head indoors to say hello.  

When I got inside, I couldn't find anyone that I knew. I'm not sure if I was just a space cadet, but I stood in the middle of the atrium, not recognizing anyone. I was a bit bummed, but not totally torn up about it since I knew I wanted to run my own race/pace. Jen and I made some attempts to find each other at the start, but I'm way too short to spot or be spotted in a crowd.  Ultimately the National Anthem was sung and we were off. I had waited too long to start my watch and was unable to get a signal until after I was out of the starting area. I was frustrated that I hadn't thought to get the signal earlier but figured it would be a good opportunity to not let the numbers get to my head.  

The first mile mark said 10:15 when I reached it, which I was pleased with, especially since I knew it took me a few seconds to get through to the mat. My goal was to keep the same pace and be at mile two before 20:30. I kept plugging along, listening to other peoples music and conversation at 19:40s I made it to mile 2. I was completely unable to do math, but knew that I was in a good spot.  I felt good, ran my pace and focused on pushing my body, rather than being pulled.  For each mile I had the goal to keep under/at a minute pace ( easiest pace time to do math with) and each mile I knew I came in ahead.  

Around mile 4 threw me off a bit, as there was a runner down who appeared to had been receiving CPR.  At the point that I saw him, it looked as though he had come to- and was disoriented and trying to get up. A fire truck was blasting its way towards us and it shook me.  I haven't seen any sad news on the web, so I can only hope that he is okay.

The race continued and I still hadn't seen anyone that I knew. I was still coming in under my 10 minute goal, but I started to worry about that .2 of the race, and how it would effect my time. Since I knew the course,  I knew I wanted to start pushing just around the Dinosaur BBQ.  I pushed what I could and didn't ham up the photographers ( I'm not looking forward to seeing those pictures!)

Once we turned to the final stretch, I knew I was going to come in under an hour - which was my only goal. I didn't try to scan the crowds for friends, as much as my asthmatic lungs would let me I ran. I crossed the line at 58:38. Because there was chip timing my actual run time was 57:57.  

A 3 minute PR for the 10k distance!  

Despite not seeing anyone at the start or during the race,  I immediately found people I knew.  It seemed that everyone had a great run for the day.  I chowed on a banana and hung out for a bit before I had to make my way back to my car to get my 5k bib.  
coworker Nieves & her son
(Pic stolen from Jen!)

I had hoped to find someone I knew to run with for the 5k.  I had no race goals for it, just a way to get
those extra miles. As with the 10k, I didn't recognize anyone. I had a silver bib - but even while I stood in the corral, I knew that there would still be a lot of people not in their correct place. I noticed in my previous review of the 5k, I thought they needed to man the corrals better, and I still agree with that, but I understand that many more volunteers are hard to come by, so unless I want to stop running this race and volunteer instead, I need to keep my mouth shut.

For the 2nd time in one day, I heard the National Anthem was was off. My watch did work this time, but I wasn't really paying much attention to it. I spent most of the time scanning the crowd to look for familiar faces (I saw none). Like last year I had a lovely negative split day and ultimately finished with a course pr.  

The races continue to be well organized and well attended over (1,477 people for the 10k) & (4,302 people in the 5k)  I'll be traveling next year for Thanksgiving so I'll miss it, but I'll definitely be back (likely for both)  in 2017!

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