Saturday, November 21, 2015

Training Log - 11/9 - 11/15

I'm lacking inspiration for the Hangover Half.  I think I've decided to focus on a different goal for February and simply enjoy running the New Year's Day half.  I know part of it is due to my attempts to follow a sub 2 plan, when realistically I'm not there yet.  I do have a goal in mind, but I think for now, it'll just be my goal. I'll share eventually just not yet. I still like doing weekly workout recaps, so those aren't going anywhere.

Monday: 60 min Yoga with Yoga Studio App
I tried the advanced flexibility class on my yoga studio app and I love it.  It was challenging but moved at a nice pace.  I look forward to doing the video again this week.

Tuesday: rest
We had a school event until 6. Once I got home, I was beat.  10+ hour long days are just too much for me.

Wednesday: warm up, 5k, are group run 7.5 miles total
I ran a lot on Wednesday.  I did my two mile warm up & raced a 5k (and set a new PR) in the morning. Went to the ARE group run that evening.  I was feeling pretty tired, but held onto a 9'30" pace until I caught up with Dara whose knee wasn't feeling it. I happily walked it in with her since I had no business running twice in one day.

Thursday: 4 miles @ 10'46
I was exhausted but somehow made it out for 4 miles

Friday: rest

Saturday: 60 minute yoga //30 min Nike Training Club
After all the running on Wednesday, I was still feeling pretty stiff.  After chatting with my sister for 2 hours I figured I was ready to start my day. I loved the advanced flexibility as much as Monday.  After I decided to start a Nike Training Club plan with 3 exercises for 4 weeks.  I didn't use any added weight and could completely feel it later.

Sunday:lawn work
I had plans to knock off a 9 mile run.  But it was nice out and I was tired of looking at my awful back yard.  Instead I spent my day mowing, taking, and bagging leaves.  It was a pain but it looks good now, so I can rest easy going into winter.

Now that I'm not focusing on the Hangover Half -  I have no stress/complaints about my week.

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