Sunday, November 29, 2015

Training Log 11/23-11/29

This week wasn't my most impressive for training. I got the my 3 runs in, but completely missed the mark for cross training. I blame the holidays - but really some weeks are just like that. Anyhow, had 3 great days of running. 

Monday: Rest
 In my classroom, we do a stone soup each year for Thanksgiving. The children do most of the vegetable prep during the day and then I cook some stuff up at home before putting the rest of the soup together on Tuesday. Plus I had another project for school I had to get done.  

Tuesday: Run 5k @ 10'16"
Initially I was planning on going to a spin class & running with ARE on Wednesday, but then I figured I wanted to rest my legs for Thursdays series of races. I had plans for later in the evening, so I just ran near my house. My legs felt fresh (as they should since I hadn't run since Saturday). After I took a quick shower and headed out to start my extra long weekend.

Wednesday: Rest
I had a very productive day. My dogs let me sleep in, which was amazing. I cleaned up my house and eventually got a few key errands done - including a severely overdue oil change, a visit to the post office and some errands at school. I enjoyed a quiet evening with 3 dogs.  (so not really that quiet)

Thursday: 10.8 miles total (1.5 mile warm up - 10k race - 5k race)
I've done a recap of the races, but I had a great day of running. I felt good, PRed the 10k and a course PR for the 5k. Somehow I had 20 pictures taken most of them not as awful as I expected. I do like this one, especially since my running form looks quite good!

Friday: Rest
I enjoyed my black Friday by putting up my Christmas lights & some online shopping. Later I went to Troy Night Out for some walking around. The weather was unseasonably warm.  

Saturday: Rest
I had planned on getting in 6 miles on Saturday. But between running some errands and preparing for my high schools friends Thanksgiving dinner. Between stops at target, price chopper, the liquor store, and the beer store - it was suddenly time for me to drive up to Saratoga. During that time, I did send out a text to Dara to see if she'd join me for Sunday miles. Luckily she was on board. 

Sunday: 7 miles @ 10'06"
Dara and I met around 9:30 at Lions Park. The miles ticked by really quickly. We had initially planned on 6 but felt good enough to keep going to add one more mile. We chatted the whole time, its nice to see that my comfortable pace is now in the 10s.  

new tights from Janji 

Now with the first round of holidays over, I'm looking forward to 3 full weeks of a normal schedule.  I'll definitely be adding some cross training.  

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