Monday, November 23, 2015

Training Log 11/16-11/22

Monday: 5 miles @ 10'39"
After not running during the weekend, I was ready for some miles.  I signed up for a group ARE run, although I knew that the people that were signed up run at a drastically faster clip than myself.  I wanted the accountability for running.  So I ran some miles before meeting up for a quick hello.  The other two folks headed and I continued on my own for a loop.

Tuesday: Yoga @ Good Karma Studio // Nike Training Club
Nanda hasn't extended her schedule back to VENT yet, but she is teaching at a local studio.  After a rough day, I decided to splurge on a class.  (it's a big splurge... at 15 bucks a class, it is half of my monthly dues at my gym.)

Wednesday: ARE group run 5 miles @ 10'33"
I look foward to the weekly group runs.  Some of the girls had been texting during the day about where we would be eating, so  I was looking forward to running & eating.  I got to campus just a bit early to get 2 miles in before the group.  I had wanted a full 6 miles but my timing didn't workout.  Some folks do 2 loops during these group runs, but since I am out of work so early, it seems silly for me to wait until 6 to start running.

Thursday: Rest
My uncle came over to turn on my fireplace and then I decided to go out to dinner with a friend.  ( it was delicious,  I'm grateful that its in Clifton Park so I can't order it regularly.

Friday: Yoga 
I had thought about running, but ultimately decided to take the night off, do some yoga and relax.

Saturday:  10 miles @ 10'12"
I wrote a whole post on this run, but it felt great.  If only all runs felt as awesome.

Sunday:  Rest
Jen and I picked up our bibs for this weeks turkey trot and then indulged in a delicious breakfast/lunch at Carmens in Troy.  Most of my day was pretty lazy and I am okay with it.

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