Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hangover Half Training Week 2

This week was a tough one for me. Completely unrelated to my running life, but it managed to spill over.  I felt emotionally exhausted all week, and it certainly didn't help that I chose this week to cut out added sugar. I believe that deserves its own post but for now, it's something I felt I needed to do, too often I've been eating crap food. Life is short, so this isn't a forever thing, but I haven't really missed anything enough to bother. 

Anyways onward and upward for this week's running/training recap. 

Monday: 30 minutes of Yoga
I decided to try a new yoga class on my yoga studio app. It ended up being my least favorite. It had a lot of great poses, but felt to rushed to get into any of them.  It's likely because it was only a 30 minute class, but I've done others that I like better.  But hey you don't know without trying.

Tuesday: 4.29 @ 10'39" 
It took a lot for me to get out and get this run done.  I got home late and with the time change it was completely dark.  But it was so warm out that it seemed like a waste to not get my miles.  I ran on a new to me street with sidewalks but could have definitely used my headlamp! 

as reflective as I could be

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 9'57"
It was another beautiful day, so I headed over to Suny to get a few extra miles before our group run. This week Dara and I stuck together for the 3 which had me pushing to keep below 10 minute pace.

Thursday: 45 minute spin class
One of my goals for this training cycle is to do more cross training.  I am hoping to find more time for strength, but similar to always needing a plan for running, I need focus for strength too.  Spin class was good, felt good and sweaty and allowed some muscles a break.

Friday: rest
Friday was a wacky day at work. By the time I got home all I could manage was takeout and more NCIS. But it's Friday, it's silly of me to think I would do a speed workout.

Saturday: rest
I procrastinated all damn day. I very throughly cleaned my house.  By the time I finished, it was late, I was tired. I have no real excuse and what I realized today while on my run was that I was afraid of the speed workout I should have done. When really the speed workout my plan had prescribed is too tough for me, I should have realized I could modify earlier. But for future weeks, I'll hopefully remember.

Sunday: 8 miles total
I knew I wanted to cheer everyone on at the stockade-thon. The dogs woke me up early, so I decided to just get up and out. Since it was so early, I run a bit to get some of my long miles. I didn't carry my phone, which is only important to note because I don't know Schenectady very well, and had to ask for direction a few time. Initially I was going to loop around Central Park a few times, but ultimately decided to run west and ended up on Erie. From there I knew I was close to the start.  I stopped by and said hello to everyone, grab a sip of water and use the portajohns (I waited until the race started!) after that began my adventure back to mile 7 where my coat, cowbell and coffee were waiting for me. I ended up running 6 miles (slowly) before spending the next 1.5 hours ringing the bell for everyone that passed.  Once I gt home and finally ate breakfast, I was ready to head out for those last 2 miles.  I know it's not the same as 8 miles at once, but time on my feet is time on my feet. 
Rhoda chewing on the stove.  This pup is all puppy.

This week wasn't my favorite for a variety of reasons. I did miss one run, but still only had 2 rest days. I strongly believe that this week will be better.

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