Monday, November 2, 2015

Hangover Half Training Week 1

After taking a few extra rest days, I finally wanted to go running again. I really truly enjoy running, but I need to follow a training plan to keep me motivated. I find that without a goal -  I get into a running rut, not really knowing my purpose. My goal for the Hangover Half on New Years Day will be the same as Mohawk Hudson- to set a new PR. I have confidence that I can find that 1'03" within the next 10 weeks.

While clearing some boxes out the other week, I found a magazine page I had cut out of a training plan for a sub 2 half marathon. I had saved it from August of 2010 (same year as my PR)  It has moved with me (san diego - dc) (dc-clifton park) (clifton park, albany, cohoes, and albany again)  I never tried to follow it but was never able to throw it away. While my goal for Hangover Half is not to be sub 2, I figured that my current fitness should be able to follow this training plan and make adjustments where needed.

With 10 weeks until the New Year ( a bit crazy to think about)  A new training cycle has begun.

Monday: Rest
I don't recall what I did all day.  I had planned on doing yoga but with the foster puppy at the house I spent most of my evening relaxing.

Tuesday:  4 miles @ 9'34"
After looking at the plan for the week, I decided that I would do my speed workout while my legs still felt fresh.  I headed over to the gym to do a tempo run. I find tempo runs to be really challenging. The first mile on the treadmill is always tough for me so I gave myself a two mile warm up before doing my next two miles at an 8:57 pace.  The official plan said 3 miles at that pace, but I just couldn't hold it.

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 9'51"
Wednesday was group run night.  Since I had cut a mile the day before and my plan called for 4 - I decided to go early and run 2 miles. Jen happen to be in the parking lot, so we ran together before meeting up with the club. There was a good turn out and we headed out in the opposite direction of usual. I ended up catching up with a girl I recognized from high school, we chatted for a few minutes before she headed around collins circle to get more miles. By then it started to really rain. I was determined to just be done running.  I could see Dara a bit ahead of me, but couldn't seem to catch her.  After the run we all went to ARE HQ for two seminars and some pizza.  It was fun to hang out with everyone and I definitely picked up a few things to tweak in my running.

Thursday:  Rest
This was a long week at school (even though there were only 4 days with students)  I was exhausted and my hosue was a mess.  I decided to take the rest day and clean the house before going out to dinner with a friend.

Friday:  4 miles @ 10'02"
It was a struggle to get myself out and running after a full day of conferences. Once I got myself motivated, I had considered doing my long run but made plans later in the evening so I stuck to my 4 miles. I felt quite good and began to use the avg pace function on my watch. While not super reliable it was different than me trying to do math each mile.

Saturday:  Rest
My morning was spent drinking bloody marys and watching the dogs play.  My friends came over to have their dog meet the foster since they are considering adopting her.  And then I took a nap.  I don't regret it.

Sunday: 8 miles @ 10:39
I wanted to start the new month out right, so I was able to lace up and head out.  I had a nice run from my house to SUNY and back.  Most of my miles were 10'30s" or below with the exception of the two miles where I had to stop a few stoplights/ intersections.  I felt pretty good the whole way and was loving that I was running in shorts on in November!

Overall I had a pretty solid week.  I like that my long run was "only" 8 miles.  My body (and ego) aren't quite ready for double digit long runs.

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