Thursday, November 5, 2015

2015 Goals -October Review

Travel to a non-english or spanish country. (Amsterdam planned for April)

  • Read 36 books (33/36)
    • The Good Girls Guide to Getting Lost
    • Natural Born Heros
    • In the Unlikely Event
In the interest of being honest, Technically I read in the Unlikely Event in November but If I wait to post it, I'll likely forget.  I am atleast ahead of schedule and it looks like I'll be able to read my goal of 3 more books before the new year.  I absolutely love using the public library online rentals -  without it I would not have read as many books as I have.
    • Yoga once a week (51/52) Before and After my goal race I was all over the Yoga.  I am still experiencing some tightness in my hip flexors, which tells me I need to be more diligent about stretching before/after all the running.  I am SO excited to know that I'll finally hit this goal.  I have never come close before, and while there were some weeks I didn't practice my yoga, there were others where I did 3x so this has worked out for me.
    • Follow one new recipe a week (7/52)   I've given up this goal, but I have still made a few new to me dishes.  I think next year it will be a one a month goal. 
    • Begin volunteering regularly at the Albany Pine Bush  I took Marcy dog out for a walk on a known trail and then ran on the neighborhood one.  When we returned, I had found over 20 ticks walking around on marcy.  It might be a while until she is able to come with me again.
    • Explore all of the Pine Bush trails   There are still a few trail to check out - I'll need to remember this when I'm thinking of something to do on the weekends.
    • Cross off 12 Bucket List goals (3/12)  I had hoped to achieve more off of my bucketlist this year, it doesn't seem super likely that I'll find 9 things I can accomplish in the next two months, but we'll see!

    Reading and Yoga are rocking & this has been one of the best years I've had for running since I first started considering myself a runner (2009/2010ish) But naturally after many years of failed running related goals - I don't have any this year! 

    Hard to believe we're in the final stretch -only 2 months to go until 2016!

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