Monday, October 12, 2015

MHHM Training week 13

Well, if you were looking forward to this being the end of weekly training logs I have bad news for you. A spoiler alert, I did not PR this past weekend and will be starting up a new training cycle for a goal race in early January. My allergies are mostly under control now and each day my lungs feel better. Naturally they feel their best now, after race day.

Monday: yoga 
I noticed the day before that my left hip felt a lot tighter than my right. I could still do all the poses, but felt a considerable difference when in any lunge like position.  So I diligently went through my tried and true intermediate flexibility class on my yoga studio app. 

Tuesday: 3 miles 
After school I grabbed Marcy and headed over to Suny. I was fully prepared for a nice slow short run around campus.  I was pleasantly surprised when the first mile clicked at 9'36". I had no intention of negative splitting my run but I did and I felt good.  I exerted the same about of energy as when I was plugging away at high 10 minute miles.  The improvement is undeniable, but I let it get to my head a bit.

Wednesday: 3 trail miles with ARE
I spent my day Apple picking with school and was exhausted.  I was ready to call it a night and just sit and watch ncis. But I've decided to become more social and went out for the ARE group run.  I ran the first mile in between the fast pack and appropriate pack chatting (gasping) with a group member before hitting my turn around.  On the way back Dara and I ran at a bit of a slower pace since the sun had set and it was getting a bit darker.  After we went to Bountiful Bread, which I had never been to but am now a big fan.

Thursday: rest.
I had a frustrating day at work and came home and was completely exhausted. I decided to sit and relax.

Friday: volunteering
I had planned to get that last 4 miles in. I had staff developent and ended up staying at work later than I expected.  I came home hung out with Marcy Dog before heading to volunteer for the Mohawk Hudson marathon. I spent the next three hours walking in circles stuffing packets instead.

Saturday: volunteering & yoga
After spending my Friday night volunteering, I was back at it at 9am. The expo didn't start until 10, so I helped set up the ARE table and then acted as the bouncer to keep the early birds at bay. Then I volunteered for packet pickup. It was nice to see familiar faces and I was definitely excited. Afterwards I  felt a weird twinge on my left side, so I did my trusty yoga hoping to work miracles. 

Sunday: 13.1 @ 9'54"
A full recap will come soon. But i was too greedy, went out to fast too early and had nothing left for the end. No real lesson is learned the easy way. 

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