Sunday, October 4, 2015

MHHM Training Week 12

I am still coughing.
I am thankful that I put in 11 solid weeks before this one because not much running happened.  I'm not worried about the lack of running this week,  but I missed wanting to go.  The weather was hard fall -  cold and wet.  That on top of constant coughing, I didn't have the motivation.  Marcy dog is not pleased as to how this week went, but in the long run, its better than I took it easy since I am slowly starting to feel better.

Rest -  I was still exhausted from Ragnar.  Went to work, went to dinner with my parents, and went to sleep.  I couldn't manage much more than that.

Tuesday: 3 miles @ 10'55"
I had gone to SUNY with the plan to do 2 loops for the 6 miles.  After the first loop I figured it was enough.  My lungs were hurting, my legs were still tired from Ragnar.  3 miles are better than no miles.

Wednesday: 1 mile @ 9'11"
Wednesday was payday and school tax payment day.  I had planned to pay online but they had a glitch in their system so I ended up running a bunch of errands to make sure I paid my bill on time.  Once home I was cold and lacked any real interest in running.  I knew that I was .6 off from a 100 mile month, so after ordering some pho - I had some time to kill so I went out for a mile run.  Once I got going, I felt great and regretted ordering food so early because I would have done a few more miles.  But as soon as I stopped I coughed until I started dry heaving (clearly my asthma isn't going down easy)

Thursday: 4.5 miles @ 10'18"
After 2 days of cutting the runs short I was determined to get the 6 miles.  I decided to go to the ARE anniversary run (since they were doing a loop around SUNY.  I got there early to do 1.5 before running the loop with the club.  I had thought about getting another .5- 1.5 but there was promise of free pizza so I opted for free dinner.  

I stayed at school a bit late to clean up, ran a few errand and got back to my house the same time my folks got there.  They had to run an errand and then invited me out to Moe's for dinner.  Moe's is a personal favorite so I cannot say no.  By the time I got home my former roommate was in town and stopped over.  Running didn't happen and I don't care.

I couldn't get myself to do anything.  I cleaned my house, did laundry, went to the goodwill all along planning to run, eventually.  Eventually I took a  2 hour mid day nap, eventually I went to Druthers.  I never made it out for a run.

Sunday: 3.5 mile hike  & Yoga
I'm realizing now that my lack of motivation is directly related to the temperature in my house.  I was cold all morning so I wanted to do was to curl up under 2 blankets.  Eventually I turned the space heater on in my "attic"  so that I could do yoga.  I hadn't really stretched at all since Ragnar and boy could I feel it.  I desperately needed it and I am making the rough goal to do yoga every day before Sundays race. (we'll see)  Marcy was really displeased with me all day since she isn't allowed outdoor unsupervised (she has a few tricks that include standing on and jumping over the fence)  I couldn't handle her whining any longer so I finally got dressed and headed to the Huyck Preserve.  I had seen some lovely photos posted by several Instagram friends and was determined to check it out.  I'll likely do a whole photo dump of a post of the preserve.  So it wasn't' running, but I got off the couch. 

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