Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hyuck Preserve

On Sunday Marcy demanded that we left the house. For non energetic dog owners, this may sound like I'm exaggerating, but I promise you I am not. All I wanted to do was watch NCIS from sunrise to sunset. Marcy spent the morning whining and pacing, a heavy sigh and more whining and pacing. It was driving me absolutely crazy, so finally after lunch, I decided it was time to do something.
I had been meaning to see Hyuck Preserve after seeing many friends pictures.  It was an easy drive, just a bit past Thatcher Park, before I found myself parked at the Lake. 
Dogs are required to be on leash so I buckle Marcy in, and we were on our way.  Within the first 5 minutes we met our first unleashed dog.  Marcy is better at greeting dogs off leash, so I undid hers and let her go.  I had asked the people if there were many people on the trail and they reported 0.
Marcy obviously loved this far more and spent the time running up and past, chasing chipmunks and swimming.  As we approached the turn for the falls, I released her figuring there were more likely to be others. 
Every dog we encountered was off leash (which I prefer, but come on folks) but I simply would unleash Marcy then too.  I kept her on leash while we explore the falls and then began to make the same walk back to the car. 
We only did a small section of the trails, and according to their website there are plenty more to choose from, I'm looking forward to returning and doing some snowshoeing in the winter !

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