Wednesday, September 9, 2015


If I'm being completely honest, the main reason I signed up for the SEFCU 5k was directly related to my Wednesday night group run.  After feeling strong despite the heat, I was curious to see where I stood 5k wise.  Although I am only competitive with myself, race day conditions bring out speeds I rarely see otherwise. Last week I decided to preregister (and save myself 10 bucks).

I woke up early Sunday morning to do some much needed yoga.  I spent about 40 minutes downward dogging it to warm up and feel present (yes I realize how hippie that sounds) after a quick nature valley's granola bar (that I ate outdoors due to excessive crumbs) I headed over to SEFCU.

two out of the three charities 
I was there at about 8, so parking was no problem, though it didn't seem that it was ever an issue. I picked up my bib & t shirt and returned to my car to lace up. I'm not a fan for warming up, mostly because I generally run long races, where the warm up is included, but 3 miles isn't enough time for me to make up time so I went out for an easy 1 mile. I should have planned a bit better because I was done by 8:35 with 30 minutes to mill around. Just before 9, I stored my phone back in the car and we made our way to the start. It was a smaller crowd than I was expecting and Dara and I placed ourselves near the back, something we probably didn't have to do. I had no plans to control my pace, I wanted to see what I could do and how long I could hold it. 
we wish we knew what was so funny - source
nike likes to let me know when I run slower by indicating it in red.
The first mile was everyone finding the place they should have actually been in,  I passed a bunch of people and was passed a few times. Right at mile one there was a water station that I opted to skip. Since I generally don't drink water until mile 3 I knew it'd be fine.  My watched clicked 1 mile a few steps before the official marker, likely a result of weaving with a pace of 8'40. I was satisfied enough with that number that if I walked the rest I still would have been content.  

There wasn't much shade on the course, but I was prepared, since I've run the state campus loops several times during the winter series and for my half training.  I considered ditching my shirt, but I don't have the same bra and short confidence I once did when running the rock n roll marathon.

I was working hard for mile two and managed to keep it under 9 minutes.  Immediately after the mile marker was another water station, this time I grabbed a cup, took a quick sip and powered on.  I was running 4x as hard but I couldn't hold onto the sub 9 minute pace any longer. I had expected it and was pleased that I was still able to run and kicked it up with what I could for the last .10.  My watch indicates a 28:12 finish and my official time was 28:24 - both I believe to be accurate since there was no start mat.  

Overall I am incredibly pleased in my run, generally in 5ks I find myself always in the 29:xx range, it feels great to be in the 28s.  I pulled up my pr stats and found that I only ran one sub 9 minute mile in that race (while I obviously held the remaining pace better to give myself a PR). I like seeing the sub 9s and I imagine there is a happy medium.

After the run, Dara and I hung out, she had placed 3rd out of the SEFCU Member runners so we waited to see if they'd give her a medal (sadly they didn't) 

The race is definitely one I'd consider making an annual tradition, the course is fast, it's close,and the entry fee is low. The race also raises money for local organizations this year the focus was on Veterans. They divided the donation between 3 charities adopt a solider, adaptive sports & veterans miracle center. All charities I can get behind, although right now my heart is firmly with Double H Ranch

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