Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ragar Relay ADK

Its hard to believe another Ragnar weekend has come and passed.   I signed up with Team Double H back in April and began to actively fund raise starting in July. On Thursday, I headed up to Saratoga State Park for our van decorating and safety briefing. I finally had the chance to meet the other runners in my van/team and those on the other 5 teams that were supporting Double H. There were a lot of first timers, which was exciting to be around. After pizza, safety, and decorating, I made my way home to finish cleaning my house ( my mom was house sitting) and packing. I went to bed fairly early since I had a 5am wake up.  This was my first year in van 1 - so I had to have my act together a lot earlier than previous years. 

8:45 Mike was our runner 1 and he headed off out of Saratoga Park. I spent that time getting myself ready to run since I was on deck as runner 2.  
9:40- I had an awesome first leg along Saratoga Lake. It was narrow and definitely not a road I would ever run on, but since it was mid morning on a work day, it wasn't crazy busy with traffic.  I felt great and was shocked to put up low 9's for an average pace of 9'23". 
13:00- A lot happened between my run and the rest of the day.  But mostly it was other people running, us driving in the van, cheering out windows. We met up with Van 2 at Gavin Park and sent them on their way. We then headed up to Lake George to eat and relax before the next exchange to our van. 

15:00- I had a very plain jane lunch of a turkey club ( vs team mate who thought wings and salad were wise choices..)  before heading to find a spot to lay down.  I believe that Van 1 was better running hours but Van 2 has better sleeping hours. I barely slept (since it was the middle of the day)  before we were rallying together to get ready to head back out on the road.

19:19-  I started my run along Lake George, its possible that during the day this might be a beautiful run, but 7pm in September, it is not.  The shoulder sucked and there was still quite a bit of traffic heading towards Lake George. This left me with headlights blinding me for most of my run. It wasn't flat, like my first run, but definitely not Tongue mountain ! I was already feeling tired and I did not have those low 9s again but I did have low 10s until the last mile that required some walking up the mountain.  

00:47 - We arrived at Ticonderoga High School.  We exchanged again with our second van before having some fuel before heading up to the Horse Fairgrounds.  The sleeping conditions are far better at the high school, but we all felt a lot better about being at the next exchange.  

1:30- Sleep. I was coughing so much that blowing up my air mattress wasn't an option.  Two of or van mates did go to sleep in the barn, which allowed the rest of us to spread out in the van.  I slept surprisingly well, even if it was only for 3 hours.  

6:40-  It was now time for my 3rd leg.  I had checked the weather and thought that I packed well. It turns out,  after a summer of running nearly naked to avoid the heat, I have no clue what to wear with cold temperatures. It was around 30 degrees when I started so I ended up wearing my wool sweater over my long sleeve dry tech. Folks at the exchange thought I'd get warm, but they were only half right. I was sweating a ton more than necessary at 30 degrees, but the wind whipping through made me very happy that I had the extra layers.  Lucky for me, the sun decided to rise to watch me struggle through my last 4 miles.Those miles were tough, but I was easily reminded about the children that attend Double H Ranch and how many of them would give anything to trade spots.  So I put my head down and ran.  (slowly, which only gave me more time to reflect) 

for the life of me couldn't get my fingers to work to pass the bracelet.
With that, I was done.  A fellow teammate wasn't sure they could do their next leg, so I had tried to rally to help out.  I thought that at best I could help with two miles.  Luckily he felt pretty good and I was able to pass out in the backseat for a bit.  My cough was starting to take its toll on me and I was very ready to be in bed.   

11:15ish - Runner 6 had finished and were done!  We decided to head to the finish to check in with Double H before heading into the village so I could get my favorite sandwich.  

15:55- ahead of schedule runner 12 made his way in and team Double H conquered Ragnar ADK !

The people I ran with were great,  I had a lot of fun, very little sleep, and some faster miles than I've seen during other Ragnar Relays.  As always I love the event and managed to run into all the other people that I knew running it (and some extras!)  I'm proud to have raised money for such an amazing organization. My ragnar hangover isn't as bad as other years, but it may be because I know I'll be back again soon!

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