Sunday, September 13, 2015

MHHM Training Week 9

School started back up this week, I am spending a lot more time on my feet than the first 8 weeks of PR training.  I am thankful that I've established a routine and luckily I have a whole month to adjust to my real life before race day. (aka I am tired.)

Monday: 4 miles 

I already did a recap of the race, but it went about as I planned.  I went out entirely too fast and then fought for as long as I could to hold on, I was very pleased and when I put my results into smartcoach, it indicated that I'm still on track for a PR at the half ( however they do their crazy predictions) the rest of Monday included two cook outs, one in which I met two of my Ragnar teammates and then was seriously over fed at my friend Bens house. Overall an excellent day with no labor involved.

Tuesday: yoga / rest
Even though I don't like my yoga teachers replacement, I needed a change from always doing the intermediate flexibility on the yoga studio app. I still don't like the class, still didn't feel challenged and am SO excited that my favorite instructor is teaching a class this week! 

Wednesday: 4 miles total (3 trail with are)

On Wednesday I met up with the ARE for a new-to-me trail run near 6 mile waterworks. It was a humid day, by 5:45 the clouds had rolled in and the wind had picked up. Within the first 4 minutes the clouds opened up and it rained. We haven't had any rain in a few weeks, so it was welcomed and it felt incredible. At the 1.5 mile mark, Dara, Kim(berly) can't remember if she's a full name person) and I turned back. My legs were surprisingly heavy, I think from the race on Monday but the run felt good. Feeling guilty that Marcy hadn't been running, I did an extra mile once I got home. By then my legs were extra heavy.

Thursday: 4 miles @10'22"
I had planned to do my speed workout on Thursday, but Marcy caught getting ready and I felt guilty for her only getting one mile in since Sunday. I switched my plan and decided to do Friday's run.  We headed over to tried and true SUNY since it was getting dark and I didn't want to be on the streets. I stuck mostly to the trails that run along the sidewalk, they say that variety is the spice of life...With one flukey mile the rest were fairly even and we were going at an easy pace.

Friday: 5 miles 10'10"
After surviving the first week, which still wasn't even a full week, (our first full week of school isn't until sept 28th) I'm not even sure how I was standing, but after school I found myself at the gym ready to attempt the speed workout. The run started with my shins aching a bit, I have new shoes and have been alternating trails and roads so I have some mild shin splits. I started the first mile slow (11'18"ish pace) I wasn't overly confident with my ability to hit 5 miles at a 9'45" so I decided to let myself ease into it, I increased my speed by .1 each 30 seconds. At the end of the mile, I made my resting pace a bit faster, closing the gap between resting and goals pace. I found my groove and could have definitely finished the remaining two miles. But my mind was elsewhere, I had made plans to drive to my sisters in Long Island and I was beginning to get anxious. I decided that I should just get going. Once I hopped off the treadmill I regretted not giving myself enough time, but since I completely missed my last speed workout, I guess this is considered progress. 

Saturday: rest
The long drive Friday night was worth it to hang out with my niece and nephew.  My niece had a pony ride/lesson we we ventured there in the morning and to the Montauk Seafood Festival Saturday afternoon.  It was a busy day, but fun and I wasn't on my feet too much, which I thought would put me in a good place for Sunday's long run.

Sunday: 10 mile @11'41"

The plan said 13 and I made some vague routes to follow in hopes of having access to water. But I don't know Amagansett that well, and not all streets welcome cars parked on the side, I couldn't find anything I could commit to like I do suny. Eventually I decided to take my bank card with me and run and buy water as needed. I ran towards some streets I knew from a few summers ago and was excited to find an open public bathroom around 2.7 miles. I grabbed some water and headed on.  It had rained hard the night before, cooling the temperatures but spiking the humidity.  I was so sweaty and it was not evaporating one bit.  I struggled the entire run.  I was frustrated with myself for the pace (next week I'm covering my watch) and felt overall miserable.  I made it to the gas station around 5 miles where I had some gummy bears and water.  After refueling, I decided to loop back the way I came since I was afraid I would bail out if I had to run too close to the house. I'm not sure why this run was so hard, maybe it was still lingering from 5k racing, or the other 17 miles run during the week, or not stetching after said 17 miles and hours in the car, or it just sucked.  I couldn't figure out my fueling.  I was either sloshing or completely parched.  I am not trying to wish away summer, but I don't know how much longer I can fight the humidity.  

I still wasn't able to reach 30 miles for the week, I have faith that I'll get at least one before the race!
Hard to believe the race is now less than a month away! 

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