Sunday, September 6, 2015

MHHM training week 8

Have no fear, I realize the dates are different, I swapped rest weeks again to allow for some hiking. The short: I didn't hit every workout, but I can definitely see that my training is starting to come together.

the long:

Monday: Rest
Monday was my first day back at work, the kiddos don't arrive until after Labor Day, but alarms were set, lunch packed and I had a busy day getting the classroom in order. 

Tuesday: 5 miles @ 10'30"
After a summer of limited social interaction, two days into the school year, I was feeling exhausted. Lots of conversations, catching up, etc. It also was a toasty day, so it wasn't until 6:30 that Marcy and I headed over to SUNY to get some miles. We went a slightly different way since I was looking for a way to do 5 miles on a 3 mile loop, we cut behind the baseball field, and I was surprised at its steepness. After the first loop, I took a quick water break for both me and the pup, the next time we headed out in the opposite direction, I tried to make some straight lines since I didn't want to end up hitting mile 5 and then being a mile away from the car, it mostly worked and I found myself close to the parking lot.

Wednesday: 3 miles @ 9'53" 
I finally got over myself and went to a group run. I've been jealous of other people's posts about their groups, but I've been afraid that I'll be the one huffing and puffing 2 miles behind. It helped that both Dara and Jen went, so if I was days behind, at least someone would notice. We started in the back, letting everyone else take the lead, within the first .5 a girl popped in and asked if it was an organized run, so I chatted with her about the ARE (even though it was my first group run), life in albany, etc. she has just moved here for grad school. She had a much faster pace than me. But I was able to hold on, by the last mile I was staring at my watch waiting for it to click on the pretty round 3 It was obscenely hot so I was beyond surprised at how quickly I was running, especially after a 5 mile run the day before and 12miler on Sunday. I liked the group run, and dare I say I'll try to go to more with the ARE.

Thursday: rest // yoga
I wanted to run again, but the heat from the whole week, plus the two previous runs, my body said no. I did set up some outdoor yoga a did the yoga studios app intermediate flexibility. 

Friday: 5 miles @ 10'49
Having a dog that loves to run makes a huge difference. I had plans to see a movie Friday night and plans to go hiking (on non dog friendly trails) so I knew I had to get out with Marcy. My plan called for 5 miles so we did a giant loop around the neighborhood. At one point I got a bit turned around as I tried to do a shortcut through the pine bush and that mile was slower then the rest. I also had my first fall of 2015. Marcy stumbled on a log and then I did, heading straight down. I pushed Marcy out of the way so I wouldn't land on her and then we both sat there a little stunned. Luckily it was mostly sand (thank goodness for the unique Pine Barren in Albany) after some bushwhacking we found ourselves back on new Karner road heading home.

Saturday: hike/walk 9+ miles
After a few years of always seeing amazing pictures of Indian Head, Jen and I headed up to the Adironacks to see it for ourselves. A full post with an excessive amounts of pictures will be up soon !

Sunday: 3 miles @ 11'02"
After feeling successful at Wednesday's group run, I agreed get in some miles with Dara, Jen & Loretta. Everyone else was looking for 6-8 miles since at the last minute I decided to run the SEFCU 5k, I knew it wasn't likely that I'd go for all 6 that my plan called for but I made it to SUNY with Marcy in tow. The first loop went quickly as we chatted away (mostly Dara and I ) I hemmed and hawed the whole time if I could/should run the second loop.  I decided that 3 felt good and so I said farewell and headed home.  

So while I didn't run the 26 miles this week, I had great workouts and am still feeling strong.  I haven't fully decided what my plan is for Monday's 5k, but I'd like to see what I can do and how long I can hold it, this very likely be a super fast 1st mile and walking the rest.  Another week down and one week closer to Mohawk Hudson half marathon.

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