Tuesday, September 29, 2015

MHHM Training Week 11

After a great half marathon on Sunday, I took Monday off guilt free.  I started to have trouble with my allergies and asthma.  

Tuesday: 5 miles 10'10"
Despite fighting with my allergies, I headed out for a run, mostly for Marcy.  We looped around suny for an easy 5 miles.

I had Wednesday off from school and was SO productive.  I cleaned my house, did yoga, mowed my lawn, went to the transfer station and then to my first Ink & Drink in Troy.  I never ended up getting to the gym to do my speed workout.  My allergies had also triggered my asthma so I was coughing quite a bit. Knowing I was running Ragnar on the weekend, I thought it was best if I gave my lungs some chance to recover.

I grabbed Marcy and headed up to Saratoga for our van decorating party and Ragnar check in.  I had thought I'd have a chance to get a few miles in, but between socializing , decorating, and al,l I never got out. Again the cough made me not that upset I was taking the day off.

Ragnar leg 1 & 2
I'll do a full Ragnar recap but my first two legs were Friday. I ran both legs for a total of 13 miles. Cough seemed to stop while running and my lungs still felt clear. Sleeping wasn't awful since I was sitting up in a van. But it wasn't great either.

Ragnar leg 3 to add 4 more miles.


So my training was way off the rails but I still ran 22 miles. With some speed included at Ragnar. I'm hopped  on allergy meds and inhalers to kick this out of my system so I can have a great last big week of training.

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