Sunday, September 20, 2015

MHHM Training Week 10

Monday: rest / stretching
I did about 20 minutes of intermediate flexibility before spending my last day with my sister and her family.  After playing at the pumpkin patch, I made my way back to Albany, totally exhausted.

Tuesday: 5 miles @ 10'28" // warm vinyasa yoga
After a pretty lousy long run Sunday, I was relieved to run 5 miles under a 10'30 pace. I ran a new to me route, which was a nice change. After I changed into a different workout outfit and made my way to good karma yoga studio, I rarely pay for yoga, but it was my favorite teacher back from maternity leave, so I didn't want to miss it. It was great and since she's still not on my gyms schedule yet, I may still follow her around.

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 10'48
Wednesday was back to school night, so I didn't get home until after 6. I was sore from yoga and considered moving my runs around. But then Marcy made it clear that if we didn't go running, it wouldn't be relaxing time on the couch. Away we went to suny. I knew we'd lose light and the path is lit and usually still busy. At 3 miles, I considered calling it a night. But decided to run an additional 3 minutes. After those minutes passed, I knew I could at least get 4 miles. When my watch clicked 4, I did the same but for 4 minutes. From there, I had made it far enough to make it to the whole 5. They weren't as pretty as Tuesday's run, but it felt good to know that I didn't bow out early.
Thursday: 5 miles @ 9'41" 
I know speed work is important. Each week I am intimidated by what I am suppose to accomplish. This week was 6 miles ( yeah I skipped my cool down)  3 mile repeats at 8:59. W/.5 recovery.  Per usual, I headed to the gym to have the treadmill help me keep pace.  I did a warm up mile 10'46" and then went to work.  The treadmill setting was for 8'57" and while a challenge, it wasn't impossible. The .5 mile breaks were welcomed and I kept those at a 10'46 pace.  Like the last time I did repeats, I had to work for it, but was able to hit the pace.  I don't know what a 4th repeat would have looked like, but I imagine it wouldn't be pretty.  I had full intentions of running the cool down mile, but quite honestly I was done. I hopped off, went home, showered, compression socks and had an amazing beer.

Friday: Rest
Despite being tired from the previous 3 runs (and still adapting to working again) I could have gone for a run, but it was hot. I opted to skip it.  Marcy had a chance to play with one of the neighbor dogs, so I didn't feel too guilty when I left to go out in Troy. 

Saturday: 2 miles @ 10'46"
Could I have done all 5 miles? Yes. Did I want to? Obviously not.  I considered even taking the whole day off since I'd be running Saratoga Palio the next day, but then I did the math and saw that if I ran 2 miles I would finally reach 30 miles for the week, so that's what I did.  After I headed over to the America on Tap brew festival.  Clearly my half the next day was really on my brain.  Jen and I spent the afternoon sampling beers before inhaling pizza and falling asleep watching NCIS. Eventually I drank 4 pints of water and went back to sleep and luckily woke up feeling like a rock star.

Sunday: Saratoga Palio Half Marathon @10'01"
Unlike chingachgook I went out taking it "easy" what surprised me was that my easy was much faster than its been. I'll have a full recap up soon, but great great great amazing weather, well organized water stations, and a beautiful course. This race definitely received top marks in my book. 
most zig zaging I've seen as a race course
spotted my Ragnar captain at the last mile! 

This week was incredible. I managed to finally reach 30 miles, and I am definitely seeing my hard work paying off. 

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